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  1. BEAR

    Death Valley 4/6-4/10 with Four Points Adventures

    Join us for a beautifully guided trip through the far reaches of Death Valley. Four Points Adventures provides an experienced guide service complete with a fine dining experience for all meals and snacks as well as roof top tents and much more upon request. Check out the website for costs and...
  2. BEAR

    SOLD Powertank Co2 tank Bay Area

    I’m selling my 20# Powertank Co2 with regulator and mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is two parts. The one it came with and a custom piece to mount it standing up. Located in Concord CA. I’m asking $300. Sorry no shipping but if you’re local I can meet somewhere. This can fill a lot of...
  3. BEAR

    Free storage drawers

    hey everyone. I have storage drawer that came out of an old battalion chiefs rig. The plus side it’s free and it’s pretty nice. The down side it’s heavy. I need it gone soon. It’s in Rodeo California. Bay Area. Call or text me on my cell (925)389-8504 30 1/4” w 49 3/4” Long w/ turn knob 23...
  4. BEAR

    Lost Action Camera In Mendocino Forest

    Hey everyone. A buddy and I did a trip through the Mendocino National Forest. I was going down a steep, bumpy rd from Hull Mountain lookout to Lake pillsbury and my Contour Camera that was mounted to my roof rack got knocked off by a low branch. Of course I didn't notice until we got to camp. If...
  5. BEAR

    Why ARB is a great company

    About a month ago I went to use my ARB fridge and it didn't get cold. It clearly wasn't working and there was no error light. I tried to remember when I bought it because it didn't seem like it was long ago. But after having two kids and a new job time flys and I found out I had bought it four...
  6. BEAR


    I have a brand new, still in the packaging Long Ranger auxiliary fuel tank for a Land Rover LR3 or 4. You can no longer get these in the U.S. unless you want to import it yourself. I want to sell it because I want to use the money towards a bumpers and a winch. I'm asking $1000 and buyer is...
  7. BEAR

    California to Vancouver area help

    Hello everyone- My wife and I want to plan a trip from the Bay Area up to Seattle area and then take a ferry to Vancouver and then head north east a little and then head back home on I5. We have two kids, one is 3 years old now and the other is 1 month. I'm a firefighter and really busy in the...
  8. BEAR

    North America Hema App

    Hema Maps just launched its app for North America! with their app you get access 4x4 or overland routes. you can track your GPS location in real time using offline maps. you can save a log of your trip with track recordings, geotagged photos, waypoints and trip notes. you can even back up all...
  9. BEAR

    Wildlife Photos

    One of the things I enjoy most of all about overlanding is being out in nature and experiencing wildlife. I wanted to start a thread for people to share their wildlife photos and their experiences. Here are a couple of my own to start it off. Lost Coast Knoxville CA Pismo Beach Elephant Seal...
  10. BEAR

    need help with photography

    I bought a Canon T2i from Costco about 5 years ago. It came with a EFS 18-55 lens and a EFS 55-250 zoom lens. I am just now getting into the photography element of off roading and overlanding and was looking for some basic tips and tricks for this camera( or just photography in general ). I am...
  11. BEAR

    Knoxville OHV, Bay area California 4/24

    Hello everyone- I am planning another day trip this month with some friends but this time to Knoxville OHV park. Its between Lake Berryesa and Clear Lake. None of us have been there before so we wanted to check it out for ourselves and open it up to a group. I've heard its not the most technical...
  12. BEAR

    Morman Emigrant Trail: Picture heavy

    On Sunday despite the torrential down pour we were getting here in the Bay Area the MET mission was still a go. We had 5 rigs with us by the time we all caught up with each other on the freeway. David, myself and my friend Dave met in Fairfield and then like a Airforce mid air re-fueler we met...
  13. BEAR

    Our Mendo Adventure

    Last Sunday my wife and son and I left the Bay Area around 11 am to head up to the Mendocino National Forest to do a overnight camping trip. The always accurate weather man had predicted that the rain was supposed to let up on Friday night and taper down. Even if it was raining a little that...
  14. BEAR

    Morman Emigrant Trail 3/13/16

    Hello everyone. David (OB 0001) and I (OB 0032) will be leading a little day trip on the Mormon Emigrant Trail ( MET) on March 13. This is near Placerville so it will be a snow run if there's any snow left. Like I said its just a day trip and all rigs are welcome. My friend is bringing his new...
  15. BEAR

    Sharing some pics

    Hey everyone- Recently I did some searching and decided to lead a trip exploring parts of the Santa Cruz mountains here in California. I planned it months in advance and it just happened to fall on a day that we got the heaviest rain. well that just made it more fun. We got off on Summit Rd on...
  16. BEAR

    Just got my OzTent RV-5

    Just got my OzTent RV-5 for Christmas. Can't wait to use it!!!
  17. BEAR

    Anyone done Dodge Ridge California?

    I'm planning a trip on the Dodge ridge trail the end of this month. It's an easy trail but now I'm worried about snow. I'm going with David W. OB#0001 so we have good knowledge and equipment and I've done a snow run once before with a big group. We're just doing a day trip. Any insight would be...
  18. BEAR

    Wanted: OzTent RV-5(purchased)

    I want to get an OzTent RV-5. If anyone sees one for sale at a good price let me know. Thanks!!
  19. BEAR

    Resolved can't upload images

    I can't upload images. click on the one i want it uploads and then says theres and error.
  20. BEAR

    Question for Overland Bound(ers)

    Hello Michael- And everyone else. I've been watching you're videos for sometime now and your rig is amazing and very capable. I have noticed that you seem to be by yourself with the exception of your passengers. I saw your video on the inReach device but my question is what do you do if you run...