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  1. Wranglervirus

    EU Mid Europe Traveling true the forests roads in Lithaunia. Rules

    We can start planing som trips for the summer. Lithuania one of the green country in Europe with more than 30% of it's land covered in forests. Some facts: Member of EU since 2004. Currency is € since 2015. There is allowed to drive on the roads with any car, SUV or 4x4 as long as you keep...
  2. Wranglervirus

    Tyre size 285/75R17

    Hi, Does anyone have this kinde of tyres on their 4x4 285/75R17 So currently I have two sets of wheels five each one set is BFG all-terrain 285/69R17 the second sent is BFG MT KM 35/12,5R17. Thinking about 285/75R17 as they will be narrow but almost same tall as 35 because when i measured...
  3. Wranglervirus

    EU Mid Europe Beauty of Lithuanian nature

    Hi, In 2020 we had very nice trip fellow Jeep’ers and i did filmed some moments. I think it represent the nature that we have in out country so i was thinking that few of you might be interesting to see it
  4. Wranglervirus

    EU Mid Europe Weekend escape

    Hi Dears, Lately we are getting more and more freedom for travels do to Covid in Lithuaniaso. With couple of friends we decided to check some local Forest road around our area it was a great weekend trips with some BBQ. As one of the fellow said men escaped from the wife’s weekend :)
  5. Wranglervirus


    Hi All, New to the group. Based in Europe, Lithuania My rig is Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2020; picked up on beg of February 2020