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  1. Badrun

    Alpine loop photos

  2. Badrun

    Badrun 2017 Tacoma build.

    tires/wheels: 265/75r16x8 with ko2. Bumper: SSO slimline Winch: Smittybuilt 10k Suspension: OME hd kit, 886, HD Dakars and Total Chaos UCA Tradesman Topper Baja Rack
  3. Badrun

    Another Question

    Whats the source for trails? is there one? ive done some googling and read about trails but no real info... do i need to hit the forums for this?
  4. Badrun

    In the Beginning

    So just starting out, after some research i feel the only thing really needed are tires, recovery gear and maybe a air compressor? Any tips on gear i should look into? my truck is completely stock.
  5. Badrun

    Im new and have no idea what im doing.

    2) Location (General area is fine) I am Texan born and raised. 3) Rig (Year, Make, Model, etc.) 2017, Toyota Tacoma 4) Overlanding Experience Background (Novice or Experienced, you're welcome here!) So, i dont 4x4 and in fact have never been interested in it. I dont know...