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  1. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Frenchman's Lake Day Run

    A day Run to Crystal Peak and Frenchman's Lake View Rally Point
  2. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Carson River Hot Springs Day Run

    Fun Day Run To Carson River Hot Springs. Bring Lunch, drink and bathing suit if you want to get in the hot tubs. View Rally Point
  3. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Petroglyphs Day Run

    Come see the most petroglyphs in northern NV. View Rally Point
  4. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Reno Overlanding March 2021 Meeting

    This is our 2021 kick off meeting. View Rally Point
  5. HappyOurOverlanding

    Cancelled ***Cancelled*** Carson River Hot Springs Overnighter

    Overnighter run to Carson River Hot Springs. View Rally Point
  6. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Green Creek Overnighter

    2 night/2 day overnighter at Green CreekView Rally Point
  7. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West High Rock Canyon Overnighter

    3 days, 2 nights Overnighter in High Rock Canyon and areaView Rally Point
  8. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Kings Canyon Falls Trail Drive & Hike

    Day Run and Hike to the Falls
  9. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Genoa Peak Trail Drive and Hike

    This is an easy day trip that consist of 10 miles with a stop at Genoa Peak overlook. Stock vehicle can make this trip with the use of 4LO. Bring wind and sun protection, water/drinks and lunch.View Rally Point
  10. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Carson Hot Springs Day Run

    Come enjoy a trail run and a dip in some hot springs. Bring your snacks, lunch and water along with a bathing suit.View Rally Point
  11. HappyOurOverlanding

    MaxTrax / ActionTrax load limits

    So I've been searching for the load limits on vehicle recovery boards and cannot find anything. I've watched various videos with no luck either. I have a 3 ton and a 7 ton rig and it seems that the same boards are used for both weights which seems odd to me. Does anyone have any info on the...
  12. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Hunter Lake Trail Day Run

    Meet up at Cabela's Parking lot at 9:AM and then depart around 9:30AM. We will enter opposite of the first Hunter Lake Trail Run we did Last year.View Rally Point
  13. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Ghost Town Run Labor Day Weekend

    Pine Grove, Aurora, Bodie Ghost towns are on this overnighter trail run. There will be elevations that are cooler so bring appropriate clothing for nighttime. There is a secrete place we will be able to warm ourselves in... springs maybe. :-) We will meet at the same location as the...
  14. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Berlin Ichthyosaur Overnighter and Night Run

    Two Night / Two day trail run from Silver Spring NV to Berlin NV. We will meet at 7:30 PM on Friday night and end on Sunday. Camping, Hiking, and Exploring is part of the run. Come prepared.
  15. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Overnighter plus BBQ to celebrate Summer

    This is an Overnighter at Bear Valley Campground. We will camp out on Friday and Saturday nights for anyone who wishes to join us. Otherwise, you can come up for just the Saturday BBQ. So remember to Bring Your Own Food (BYOF). We will start setting up the area for BBQ about 12:30-ish which...
  16. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Virginia City - Petroglyphs Day Run

    Day Run up to Virginia City with a stop for lunch at the petroglyphs
  17. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Getting UnStuck

    Learn how to get unstuck in different scenarios
  18. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West High Rock Canyon

    3 days 2 nights northern Nevada trail run in High Rock Canyon above Gerlock, NV.
  19. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West SOLD: Synthetic Winch Rope and Clevis Hook

    My good friend is upgrading the synthetic rope that came with my Warn 16.5 Winch. The Rope has never been used, and sat inside bull bar for four months before Earth Cruiser put into storage. Details: 80’ Spydura Pro synthetic 3/8” diameter rope 24,000 lb. breaking strength complete with Epic...
  20. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Gaia GPS Training and Review - 02/20/2019

    This is a combined meeting with All Terrain Family and Reno Overlanding. Mike from All Terrain Family will host and conduct the training. View Rally Point Details