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  1. GHQ1

    What do you use to store all your gear?

    Usual suspects - EBay, Craigslist, FB Marketplace. You can buy the aluminum rack inserts separately to turn the top lid into a table.
  2. GHQ1

    Dog crate molle rack

    Great idea to use the dog crate section as a MOLLE panel. Durable, coated and lightweight. I went the heavier route :sunglasses: with some old PSP. I run black spray painted ACU radio and sustainment pouches on it. At one point I tried to use the PSP "inside" the Jeep but above the roll bar...
  3. GHQ1

    Bridging ladders

    A vote for Marston/Marsden mats! I put old rubber radiator tube bits on some of the hooks.
  4. GHQ1

    SOLD SOLD - WA, USA $37.50 shipped CONUS -TWO Aluminum Fourtreks Clamps & Rubber Quick Fist Mounts

    Yes . . .and the price of $37.50 includes shipping to your door in 05155
  5. GHQ1

    Calling All Jeeps!

    Gemini Bridges Trail, UT
  6. GHQ1

    SOLD WA, USA $78 shipped CONUS - 7' x 9' CARGO NET 2" Strap Heavy Duty Trailer Pickup Truck Roof Rack

    SOLD 8/24/18 This is a nearly new GearsHunter cargo net. We bought it to lash down all our odd and sundry gear on the Jeep roof rack (GOBI) but no longer need it since we now use a trailer. We used it once in good weather this summer. $78 shipped CONUS - PP OK (non F&F OK as well). Will go...
  7. GHQ1

    SOLD SOLD - WA, USA $37.50 shipped CONUS -TWO Aluminum Fourtreks Clamps & Rubber Quick Fist Mounts

    SOLD as of 1:20 PM 8/24/18 Fourtreks Mounts NOTE: I had these mounts 6 mos ago and gave them to a friend who ultimately decided he did not need them. So I got them back. $37.50 shipped CONUS -- Regular PP OK (doesn't have to be F&F) TWO adjustable for round or tube rack installations...
  8. GHQ1

    Rig Photos

  9. GHQ1

    RTB from GNP

    RTB from GNP
  10. GHQ1

    M416 Utility Trailer Restoration/Improvement (1967 Johnson Furnace)

    As much as we enjoy our Gobi rack, we discovered an everpresent need for more and varied space for all our camping gear. We looked at a lot of different military trailers and selected the M416 for its size, weight and durability. For months on end . . nothing . . .until a FB post pointed us...
  11. GHQ1

    At Glacier National Park.

    At Glacier National Park.
  12. GHQ1

    here's a good way for a DIY trailer

    Great idea . . but double check measurements since the WW2 vintage MB-T and Bantam T3-C's have a 38" width tub whereas the M416 is 41" or so . . but it may be close enough for most. DL Bensinger also has MB-T tub floors and all sides.
  13. GHQ1

    Hitch receivers for accessories?

    Howdy, with the 1/4" angle iron in place I added two Rotopax deluxe mounts by simply drilling the holes. There's enough room under the M416's rear deck to also stack the Rotopax by adding an extra 2 gal gas and 2 gal water. Mounts have been rock solid for 4,000 miles thus far.
  14. GHQ1

    Hitch receivers for accessories?

    I use a $25 Harbor Freight 2" receiver on the back of my M416. Bolted it to the frame with some Grade 8's and reinforced it with angle iron. Have used it with a Yakima rack and with a rear basket style cargo carrier.
  15. GHQ1

    2017 Ural Gear Up 2WD

    "It doesn't matter what you drive" -- just what drives you. Fantastic photos & great Ural setup. thank you. Subscribed!
  16. GHQ1

    What's your Multi-Tool?

    SOG PowerLock -- modular so tools can be swapped out. SOG Knives is based in Lynnwood, WA.
  17. GHQ1

    Gone! -- Fourtreks MOUNT Aluminum Tube 1.5" Jeep Roof Rack Axe Shovel Quick Fist

    TWO PRODUCTS -- Aluminum Fourtreks & Rubber Quick Fist Gone!
  18. GHQ1

    Dominion Offroad Hi Lift Jack Rollbar Mount with Teraflex & Rotopax & Go Westy Spout

    I wanted to add a 48" Hi Lift to the Jeep inventory and opted for an internal rollbar mount from Dominion Offroad. Here is the mount: The mount is rock solid with pins that slide into the rollbar and a securing hole that uses an...
  19. GHQ1

    Renovating an M416 trailer.

    Renovating an M416 trailer.
  20. GHQ1

    Suggestion: OB Branded Stadium/Camp Blanket -- Crest/Logo

    To me the philosophical debate over gear lists, prep protocols and wants vs needs is enduringly fascinating. Yet one item that I think would be really cool (and get tons of use & exposure) is an Overland Bound crested wool blanket. Overlanding or not, we keep a boring old wool/horsehair Swiss...