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  1. Overland 505

    Food drive and a trail run through Quebradas Scenic Byway - 12/15/2018

    A food drive for Roadrunner Food Bank and a little trail run too, through Quebradas Scenic Byway. Non-perishable items only, please. So clean out your pantry and come on down. Will be in the Socorro, NM area. View Rally Point...
  2. Overland 505

    Food drive & meet n greet. Trail run.

    Hey guys n gals, I’m gonna set up a trail run and meet n greet here soon. It’ll be in central NM in the Soccoro area. We’ll meet up go for a run and check out some stuff off the beaten path. All food will be donated to Road Runner Food Bank. Christmas is coming up and a lot of people don’t have...
  3. Overland 505

    End of summer get together and BBQ and campout in the Jemez. - 10/13/2018

    Hello everyone, how about an end of summer bbq/potluck? Location will be in the Jemez Mountains on 376. We will be camping for those that want to. View Rally Point Details
  4. Overland 505

    Goose Lake, Red River, NM - 06/23/2018

    A weekend trip up to Goose Lake above Red River at 11,000 ft. Plus other trails in the area. View Rally Point Details
  5. Overland 505

    Albuquerque monthly meetup - 05/19/2018

    Our monthly meetup here in ABQ area to get together and talk about future events and runs and our rigs. Meetups will be on the 3rd Saturday of every month, possibly at different locations. View Rally Point Details
  6. Overland 505

    Ryan's moving away run to the Jemez - 05/12/2018

    We will be doing a run with Ryan Matthes as he is moving east and leaving us, will be an all day run, maybe camping. View Rally Point Details
  7. Overland 505

    [US, NM] New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance NMOHVA NMOHVA is a statewide nonprofit alliance of motorized off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and organizations. Our mission is promoting, protecting, and preserving responsible OHV recreation through education, safety training, and responsible land use ethics. We cooperate with...
  8. Overland 505

    OBSW Trip to the Jemez Mountains in NM. - 09/02/2017

    Doing a little exploring in the Jemez Mountains, Mostly just cruising forest roads. This a day trip but if you want to camp you can. View Rally Point Details
  9. Overland 505

    OBSW Trip to the Jemez Mountains in NM.

    Looking to make a trip to the Jemez Mountains, maybe on Labor Day weekend or the weekend after. Still in preplanning stages.
  10. Overland 505

    Valles Caldera exploring.

    Valles Caldera in New Mexico Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  11. Overland 505

    Valles Caldera in New Mexico

    Think about doing a little exploring in the Valles Caldera NP in July. It’ll be a day trip unless we camp near by as there’s no camping in the Caldera. Entrance fee is $20 to get a day use pass. Lots of neat stuff to see. There’s a huge herd of elk up there. It’s the old core of a super volcano...
  12. Overland 505

    Anyone have any weekend adventures

    So did anybody get to do any exploring or overlanding this weekend? Share your adventures! Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
  13. Overland 505

    State initials by region names?

    It seems people don't know what regions to post in any more. Seen Utah and California in SW. Suggest maybe putting state initials by the region names in the forums? Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  14. Overland 505

    App is slow

    App seems to be getting slower and slower. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  15. Overland 505

    Old La Bajada Rd in New Mexico

    Date changed to May 7th due to weather. On April 30th I'm gonna go to the Old La Bajada Rd which used to be the only way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Quoted from La Bajada hill is located 11 miles southwest of Santa Fe. From 1598, when...
  16. Overland 505

    New Overland Talk app.

    I can't seem to get rid of the counter on the icon on my iPhone or iPad. I've marked everything everywhere read but the 3 stays there. Any ideas? Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  17. Overland 505

    Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs)

    So how many people know what the are and what they mean? Figured we should have a post dedicated to them.
  18. Overland 505

    How About the WJs?

    Just seeing how many WJs we have on here. Mine is a 99 Laredo. Mods so far are 4" IRO long arm lift front with adjustable lowers in the back, varilock axles with 3.73 gears from an overland, RC winch mount, Smittybilt 9500 winch, Fawkes Fab shackle tabs, home built roof rack, JK take off wheels.
  19. Overland 505

    New Mexico Overlanders

    Just wondering if there are any NM members.