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  1. Rick Morehouse

    Traverse Utah

    We want to traverse central/southern Utah in the mid spring so by Utah weather standards late may early June. We would like to start in Montrose Colorado and finish in say Pioche Nevada. We would like to do this trip with four maybe five vehicles mostly couples but kids and teenagers always...
  2. Rick Morehouse

    Has Anybody seen this before

    The other day while at work I found this sitting on the hood of my Jeep. Has anyone come across this before. I think it’s pretty cool and fun
  3. Rick Morehouse

    After 4 days

    After 4 days wheelin and several wrong turns I am headed down Procter Canyon I found it while searching for a viable option to get from Bryce Canyon to Home without messing with the Crowds on Hwy 12
  4. Rick Morehouse

    US Rocky Mountain Solo not solo

    Goblin Valley to Cedar City
  5. Rick Morehouse

    Away I GO!!!

    This Thursday night I will be traveling to goblin valley Utah, to start a nearly and possibly more 400 mile six day overland trip home to Cedar City Included on the trip Wild Horse Canyon, Burr Trail, Hole in the Rock road and trail ( One of my ancestors actually cut the original trail he was...
  6. Rick Morehouse


    I apologize to those I have offended I will stay in my room thank you for setting my errant ways right
  7. Rick Morehouse

    Want to leave the house!!

    This CoVid stuff needs to go away. Tested positive as did many from my work!!!
  8. Rick Morehouse

    Another weekend in the books

    Well we just drove about 45 minutes out into the Dixie National Forest and hit a total of 4 different trails all relatively easy and one moderate 2 mile hike to cascade falls a place where water flows from the rock it’s awesome also came across some elk and deer. the Jeep is coming along very...
  9. Rick Morehouse

    US Rocky Mountain Cathedral Valley and Burr trail

    May 17 18 19 I am going to be in Capitol Reef National Park on the Backroads Cathedral Valley is accessable only by 4x4. Would really enjoy meeting some of you thereView Rally Point
  10. Rick Morehouse

    Help I don’t know what to do!

    Yesterday I said, mostly to myself, I need a new sleeping bag, tent, and sleeping pad. My wife says “Yes you do we have the money find what you want on Amazon and we will order it” So I did what I was told I found me a great heavy duty oversized sleeping bag a suitable 3 season tent a sleeping...
  11. Rick Morehouse

    98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Build

    Well so far I have added a homemade Drawer and Cabinet in the Cargo area. A homemade iPad holder for when I am running Gaia. Lots of new stuff going on the few days Cb, off road lights, fog lights, recovery hooks, roof top cargo rack Here is a few picks
  12. Rick Morehouse

    Need info please

    Does anybody have a group of trail maps that link together several different trails that is a overlanding route either East west or north south for Utah. In the fall I would like to try either as a shake down trial. Next year it will be Mexico/Canada
  13. Rick Morehouse

    ZJ forever

    I just had to say it I am so happy with my ZJ I walked out of the grocery store looked and saw this sexy thing sitting there yeah so go ahead make your jokes about mall crawling or grocery getters. I can’t wait til summer and I start hitting trails. I won’t take it on stuff like poison spyder...
  14. Rick Morehouse

    First trip of spring

    Today we (The Family and I) took our first trip of the year, trust me no contact with anybody else didn’t even refuel but the powers that be said no non essential travel this trip was absolutely essential after having two teenaged daughters quarantined for 14 days ( they were driving me crazy)...
  15. Rick Morehouse

    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Limited

    Now that the Paperwork is done the Build can begin but let’s start with how she is now. Bone stock clean slate. I am going to start with what’s wrong then start with move to making improvements. So what’s wrong broken taillight cover, bad turn signal switch, turn signal bulbs, sloppy steering...
  16. Rick Morehouse

    A pop up roof top tent on a ZJ?

    Just a crazy idea right ! Don’t do it right! Somebody please tell me no !
  17. Rick Morehouse

    Went and did it

    yesterday I bought my new build a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ Limited with a IN-LINE 6 (best engine ever built IMHO) 12000 miles on the rebuilt engine and Tranny 179560 on the body runs real strong tranny is tight. Steering is sloppy but I will replace that stuff when I put the lift on it I got...
  18. Rick Morehouse

    Apologies all around

    I want to apologize to all my friends here at “OVERLAND BOUND”. I haven’t been on the site much lately mostly due to work responsibilities. I am being forced to slow down at work so I will be here more in the future. I have decided on my next Overland Vehicle and will be purchasing one soon I...
  19. Rick Morehouse

    Winter with a vengeance

    Haven’t been here much the last two months winter hit with a vengeance we have already received 150 inches of snow since thanksgiving. I have logged more hours at work in 4 wheel mode than I have at home since thanksgiving I have had 5 days off but I am having fun this pic is of the sunrise...
  20. Rick Morehouse

    AGM Batteries

    I have two AGM Batteries I don’t know much about them. How would I set them up to be my AUX Batteries what type of charger do I use. They were given to me and they have a charge of 9.2. Thanks in Advance