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    Death Valley (northern parts)

    So after planning for ~2 weeks for a trip to Utah (grand staircase) last Tuesday I called up the ranger station and asked how the weather was. They got snow and a hell of a lot of rain... which meant the roads I wanted to drive down would likely be impassable. So a quick replan and I created a...
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    Grant Staircase Route planning Mar 18-22

    As with lots of things in my life I don't plan much until the last moment. I'm planning on spending a few days running around Grand Staircase (and maybe the surrounding area?) and was wondering what is worth seeing and doing. The rig: The Beast is 2wd, but has plenty of clearance and has...
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    FOR SALE Goal Zero Yeti 1250

    Our van came with a GZ Yeti 1250. I replaced the battery recently and we love it. But we are looking to change to a custom system that saves a little bit more space. I figure I'll offer it up before I bust out the soldering iron and make it a custom solution, lol. I don't have any good pictures...
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    Securing your kitchen dishes during travel

    Alright guys, how does one secure their dishes, pots, pans, etc so they aren't making a crazy racket? We did ~40 miles of washboard roads this last adventure and I nearly lost it listening to the dishes (steel enamel) rattle around. That said, my wife made a good point that if I can hear the...
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    The Beast (Spaze's E250)

    Well I've been lurking here for a while and I guess its time to post the "build" or our E250. Background: I'm a car/moto nut. I've owned a little bit of everything from big diesel trucks to corvettes. I also love camping, as I discovered years ago, as its the only way for an IT guy to really...
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    A weekend in Coconino NF

    So Mrs Spaze wanted to get out for her birthday and we decided to head to the Sedona area. We always have a few plan B's but the main idea was to camp and hike in Coconino National Forest for a few days and then head to the Verde Hot springs our last night and relax. This is what actually...