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  1. chanceboarder

    Rig Photos

    Out and about in the Eastern Sierra. Exploring the Volcanic Tablelands this past weekend.
  2. chanceboarder

    Who is a Wilderness EMT, Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid certified?

    I got my WFR cert through WMI about 15 years ago and unfortunately just recently let the certification lapse, life got too busy to recertify in that last year. Great knowledge to have though and while I'm sure my skills will dull as time goes by my initial training and recerts over the years...
  3. chanceboarder

    Feedback wanted on a couple photos please

    From a technical perspective I would say both images are over exposed by at least a couple of stops. The foreground in both is very hot and highlights are blown out in portions. The images are both night scenes so you would except dark areas to look dark and brighter areas to look bright. As...
  4. chanceboarder

    Where is So Cal are you from?

    New member here from the West LA area.
  5. chanceboarder


    Wonderful portraits! I love the look and feel of B&W. I learned to shoot on B&W film and working with it in a darkroom before moving on to color film. I wish I still have a film camera and the space for a darkroom setup. Most of my personal work, especially my landscapes and nature work, I...
  6. chanceboarder

    Rock climbing/ Bouldering

    Been climbing since the mid 90's although haven't done much since COVID happened, now horribly out of shape. But been climbing in Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and all over the Sierra. Trad, sport, bouldering, big wall. Only thing I haven't done is ice but would love to learn some day. Built a...
  7. chanceboarder


    There are some great images in this thread. I just joined the community but have been a photographer for a long time, shoot professionally part time. I cover a lot of different subject from commercial and editorial work to sporting events. I would say my interests are mostly with shooting...
  8. chanceboarder

    Members Instagram ID

    I'm @jrefuerzophoto
  9. chanceboarder


    Welcome to you as well! Only tires and some basic light upgrades so far. Looking to add some armor for the added protection and then maybe a lift. It's gotten me everywhere I've wanted to go so far but wouldn't mind opening up some additional trails with some mods. Been looking through the...
  10. chanceboarder


    Hi All, I'm Jason, new to the forum and to overlanding. I live in Los Angeles (West LA area) and work in the entertainment industry and am also a part time photographer. My rig is a 2015 Subaru Outback. Been slowly putting more work into it over the years but it's been great for getting me...