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  1. NMBruce

    US East Running the Trans America Trail (TAT) from WV to the OR coast

    Working on getting ready. Dont know if I will be there, but trying.
  2. NMBruce

    water tank? Anyone using a rather large water tank on their DIY built trailer?

    I have been thinking of doing this to my trailer, as I start to redo the inside, thought it would be great to add in some water. I think i have a UP TO of 3’ wide by 5’ long and 3-5” high area I could use, but I want baffles to keep water from sloshing around. Haven’t found the tank I am...
  3. NMBruce

    What size refrigerator?

    I have a 7 year old ARB 50qt and it’s been great. On my Alaska trips I use that with a 65 qt Yeti and have everything we need for 3-4 people. I hate getting ice for the yeti on longer trips, it sits in the sun and on the trailer so the water build up moves around a lot and melts the ice quicker...
  4. NMBruce

    Overlanding Cigar Aficionados

    Always a smoke when out camping
  5. NMBruce

    Definition of Overlanding

    I overland to where I want to go and see the things I want to see
  6. NMBruce

    How heavy is your overlanding JKU?

    this will be interesting for me. I weight my truck and trailer without the camping storage box on it and the truck is stock, nothing really done to it. 2020 Tacoma TRD OffRoad 5240lbs. full tank and some little stuff in it. Trailer starting out is 480lbs, weighted it a few years ago, fully...
  7. NMBruce

    Do you really need heated seats and remote start?

    For heated seats are a must anymore. When I was 25 I landed on a tree stump during a skiing mishap, so there are times that my back hurts just from seating wrong, lifting stuff that day, not getting a good nights sleep. I do a lot of long trips and if my back starts hurting the heated seats...
  8. NMBruce

    Who carrys a firearm with them while camping?

    On my second trip through Canada going to to Alaska, I didn’t want the hassle of dealing with the Canadian boarder patrol, so I left my guns at home and that was my introduction to carried bear spray in case of an attack. I did a lot of reading and everyone had a can to carry with them. My...
  9. NMBruce

    Who carrys a firearm with them while camping?

    @M Rose is correct. My gun is a Glock 32 and shoot Sig357 or I should say a 357sig bullets, guess I could of been clearer about that.. The 357sig bullet was designed to replace the 357Mag to allow State Troopers to carry semi automatic hand guns. It has a very high velocity coming out of the...
  10. NMBruce

    Who carrys a firearm with them while camping?

    By a accidental self test, I am telling you it will. My eyes burned for a couple hours and I coughed for 30 mins from an indirect contact, 30 mins after the initial spray. let me edit this to say, from my experience, I would not wanted to be sprayed with bear spray
  11. NMBruce

    Who carrys a firearm with them while camping?

    Bear spray will work on 2 legged critters. In some places it is illegal to use on humans, but if it means I can walk away, I would use it. I know because on an Alaskan trip, my sister wanted to know how to use it. We walked down wind about 50 yards from the camp site, I did the wet finger test...
  12. NMBruce

    Anyone on the rivian pre order list?

    I would love a hybrid, wish my new Tacoma was one, but not a fully electric vehicle right now, just not enough quick chargers where I live, they are putting more in. I live in the mountains of Colorado, about 3 years ago, took a drive about 2 hours from home to have lunch and break from working...
  13. NMBruce


    I have only see a couple in my day, both where occupied by watchers, one many years ago in Washington state and about 2019 in the Gaia of south central NM.
  14. NMBruce

    This winch that winch

    I have a Warn Zeon 10S, for me it was that or the Comeup 9.5. I ended up with the Warn because I got it on sale around Christmas 7 years ago. I had it on my JKUR and then when I mounted it to the GX470’s new bumper 3 years ago, I had to do a relocation for the controls and the Warn has that...
  15. NMBruce

    Overlanding with a family of 6

    I would first find the vehicle you like to drive that carries the family and that will get you places you want to go. Next I would buy or build a small trailer to haul the gear. ArmyRN started a thread here about Harbor Freight trailers and building them up for off road, it will give you ideas...
  16. NMBruce

    RTT Question???

    Then the smaller Alpha ll tent should work
  17. NMBruce

    RTT Question???

    How many people are you planning to sleep in the tent? I looked but did see anything in earlier post, but guessing more than 2, the Alpha ll closed is L/W/H: 59.75 X 49.75 X 14 is you rack 1/2 hight or full hight?
  18. NMBruce

    New Mexico

  19. NMBruce

    Gaia gps

    I like that Gaia shows up on my CarPlay, but I wish Apple let it have more information, like Elevation and speed. I would like it more if it looked like the app on my screen. Have you see that Gaia with its newest update now has a new “Map Overlay” - “Public Tracks”. If I understand this...