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    Overland Hound

    Some from the last trip
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    Death Valley (northern parts)

    So after planning for ~2 weeks for a trip to Utah (grand staircase) last Tuesday I called up the ranger station and asked how the weather was. They got snow and a hell of a lot of rain... which meant the roads I wanted to drive down would likely be impassable. So a quick replan and I created a...
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    The Beast (Spaze's E250)

    Spent a few hours on the van this weekend wrapping stuff up for the next trip this weekend. I spent $20 on some roll bar mounts and went to town making a mount for the recovery boards and shovel. Idea is to get them out of the van, and clear out more space for fire wood, propane, and "stuff." So...
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    Grant Staircase Route planning Mar 18-22

    Alright, we'll it looks like the trip has morphed a bit, since some roads are still impassable because of snow/ice. Grovenor arch, Cottonwood narrows, Toadstool Hoodoos, and newly added is a stop in white Pocket Az. Then onto Alstrom point via horseshoe bend, and maybe a quick stop in Zion on...
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    Grant Staircase Route planning Mar 18-22

    As with lots of things in my life I don't plan much until the last moment. I'm planning on spending a few days running around Grand Staircase (and maybe the surrounding area?) and was wondering what is worth seeing and doing. The rig: The Beast is 2wd, but has plenty of clearance and has...
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    The Beast (Spaze's E250)

    I'm still running the OE 16x7 wheels (painted black) with some 265/70R16's. They rub a little at 3/4 lock on the right fender well, but its not bad. Right now I'm running stock springs all the way around with a set of nice Bilstein shocks (5100's). The ride is SO much better than the worn out...
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    What is your go too overlanding photography kit/setup? What is in your Camera bag?

    I moved from Nikon to Sony about 2 years ago now... and this is what I roll with. A7iii Sony 70-200mm G OSS f/4 - I fall in love with this lens the more I use it Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 - My carrying around lens, its ok... and I should probably work more with it. It makes me miss my 16-85mm...
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    '06 E350 Van Build

    DV is awesome.... 11-11 Death Valley-08175.jpg by spazegun, on Flickr As for the wheels/tires, the one and done purchase gets you what you want/need and you don't need to buy/sell a set on the way.... thats the easy button You get condensation with your buddy heater? When we use it we do...
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    '06 E350 Van Build

    Your needs are valid, and sadly there isn't much you can do about trying to get around them. For wheels/tires you could try getting OEM take offs from an F250/350 as they are usually cheap. As for the wants, if you have power, then a fan is easy, just get a box fan and call it even for a...
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    Death Valley

    DV... I'm booked this weekend so no trona for me. That said, I do want to do there at some point.
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    Death Valley

    If you all publish your route and are accepting tag alongs, let me know. I can bring beer :)
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    Securing your kitchen dishes during travel

    I'll have to take some pictures, but a neighbor made a a fabric bag with 4 fabric dividers for the plates. NO MORE RATTLES!
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    FOR SALE Goal Zero Yeti 1250

    Sadly even shipping across the states is hard. I'm sure it would be on the order of several hundred dollars. Shoot me a PM if you are serious.
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    US West So I am in SF and going to a Jamboree in AZ March 6th and want to do the Badge of Honor trails in SoCal on the way... so.... help?

    like @DMS1 I use google maps, and then see what parks, BLM, and other land I'm driving by. Its a pretty manual effort looking at OB, alltrails, trailsoffroad, and other sites for routes, and info about them. Thus far about the only thing I wasn't prepared for was Schnebly Hill with just how...
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    The Beast (Spaze's E250)

    I'd love onboard air, a big fresh water tank, and a few other things... maybe on the next one, lol.
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    The Beast (Spaze's E250)

    HA! trust me, I *WANT* a 4x4 van.... and this weekend it would have been nice. Even the Mrs mentioned about it.... Thanks for the recommendation... my big question is do I get one nicer one, or two cheaper ones? I think I could run one off the house battery and the other off the van battery...
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    The Beast (Spaze's E250)

    Maybe on his trailer, but he went full #vanlife and got Havlock wool for his van (or at least the initial build). I'd love to rip out the melamine and put in shiplap boards but... if I get that far into the van, I should sell this one and start from scratch on another. I'd also love to make...
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    The Beast (Spaze's E250)

    Took the Beast out this weekend for some "camping" and hiking in the Mecca and Orocopia Wilderness areas. The drawers I built and installed were amazing. We gained back SO MUCH room! I also had a neighbor sew a "sleeve" for our plates so they stopped banging against one another. With those, and...
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    Nature Photos

    Blue hour in Mecca wilderness