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  1. Brewbud

    Build Advice Needed: Overland build of a 2006 Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) Rubicon

    You mentioned replacing the ODPA. I too recommend replacing it right away. The Crown replacement unit seems to get the most votes for the one to use on the TJ forums. Use the stock sensor though. Throw the Crown sensor in with your spare parts just in case.
  2. Brewbud


    I love it. I really want to build a crawler. I have boats right now and can't afford it. And convincing the spousal unit that I need another hobby... Well, I just don't want to go there right now.....:laughing:
  3. Brewbud

    Truck bed fridge w/o bed cap?

    That Element is nice. I already have an ARB 63qt so I am not looking to upgrade though. My fridge goes back in forth between my Jeep and my truck. When in the truck it is on a mount on the rear seat. The slide doesn't help much here as far as daily access but it does when it comes time to...
  4. Brewbud

    How To: Off-Road Trail Tire Repair

    I have plugged so many tires over the years I have lost count. Lately, most have been in my wife's Evogue. Not sure where she is picking them up. The tire companies out here in CA have told her I should never plug a tire and only use a patch. I have had a patch fail but never a plug. I used...
  5. Brewbud

    Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

    I love their suspension. I have had it on there for over 10 years now. It is pricey but it works very well. Great group of guys working there. They will do whatever it takes to get your truck dialed in for you.
  6. Brewbud

    Best Youtube Channel

    My preferred sleep system is a hammock. This is a fantastic Youtube channel for anyone interested in giving camping style hammocks a try. Hammocks may sound a bit dry, but Shug makes it all very interesting. shugemery
  7. Brewbud

    Ordered my Flexopower Lithium444

    I have one for my Yeti and it works great. I have only had it a for a month or so though.
  8. Brewbud

    Ordered my Flexopower Lithium444

    Goal Zero has a Buck/Boost adapter that regulates the output voltage to a constant 12V. The Lithium battery will then control when it shuts off. Kind of expensive at $40 though and it may need to be fitted with a connector compatible with your battery. It wouldn't be hard to make one if you...
  9. Brewbud

    Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

    My Dodge 2007 5.9 Cummins. Carli suspension. I made a mount for the rear seat area so I can move the ARB between the Jeep and the truck.
  10. Brewbud

    Let's see those full size rigs - Trucks & SUV

    Ouch. That always worries me. Did they measure everywhere..........
  11. Brewbud

    New Member - Excursion OffRoad - Southern, CA

    Welcome. I have always thought those would make a great build! V10 - Sorry about the SoCal gas prices though. It hurts a bit even in my diesel. You are also right up there near Carli Suspension. They really know Ford and Dodge Suspension systems.
  12. Brewbud

    Any TJ guys out there?

    You will love a TJ. I have a 2005 Rubi LJ. It is tight for overlanding, but the extra 10" wheelbase really comes in handy. Out here on the West coast, that letter "L" adds several thousand dollars though.
  13. Brewbud

    Camp Photos!

    Last weekend at Vail Lake. Definitely not a remote camp. But I was there for a Homebrew Festival :tonguewink:.
  14. Brewbud


    Warbonnent makes awesome gear. I have one of their Superfly tarps. I would have one of their XLCs but I already own 6 hammocks.
  15. Brewbud


    Anybody else use a hammock as their preferred way to sleep when out camping?
  16. Brewbud

    Anyone into SCUBA or snorkeling?

    I don't dive much anymore. I used to teach and run a dive store in SoCal. Actually met my wife working in that store. She came in to take lessons to have more in common with her boyfriend. :tearsofjoy: Of course, I didn't know that at the time. Our goal is to eventually throw off the...
  17. Brewbud


    I use an old Howatt Custom Bushmaster Longbow and a very old Bear recurve. Still use traditional tackle.
  18. Brewbud

    SoCal Overlanders Roll Call :)

    North County San Diego here.
  19. Brewbud

    Lets See Your Dirtiest Pic!

    I hate mud and avoid it when I can. Had to throw several jugs of water see. Washed it that night and again the next morning but still found mud stuck in places later. Stuff turned to cement. I hate mud.
  20. Brewbud

    Interesting read on Millennials and the Camping industry!

    I am not so sure this can be related to generations. IMO it is better related to age groups. If you asked this question 30 years ago it still would have likely been the same age groups out camping. Mostly new families out taking their kids camping / fishing / hunting etc. As people grow...