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    Trans-Taiga Road

    Just re read my reply and i meant drive west from the main James bay road, not east.....

    Trans-Taiga Road

    On the transtaiga there’s fuel at km 286 then km 358 then km 666 those km start from the James bay road and just south of Radisson as you said KM 544,the villages on the James bay road are not on the side of the main road, you must drive a bit east to get to them so if you don,t want to go off...

    Trans-Taiga Road

    Hi, not sure if i understand correctly, but you want to go towards Radisson at the end of the James bay route? There’s gas stations in the villages, i drive a taco and pull an overland trailer and make it with one NATO Jerry can extra 20ltrs. If you tell me where you want to go i can tell you...

    CA Atlantic Canada Trip planning to Labrador and Newfoundland via James Bay Road

    Camping along the James Bay road has many off the grid campsites, should be a good remote trip, i’ll Be there in Radisson in September photographing northern lights and attending a pow wow. Check out iOverlander there’s good campsites for the road you will be doing, if you are in James Bay in...

    Overlanding with Your Dog: Jennifer & Monty

    Hey Jennifer, really like your story. Monty looks like he's enjoying the outdoors and adventure. I too travel with a Vizsla (Vegas) they're lots of fun aren't they? keep on exploring. A Hey Jennifer, great story and thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the tips. Travelled through Southwest...

    Camp Photos!

    Off-the-Grid camp near Digby, Nova Scotia Canada, all alone with the sunset, a few whales and the hound.....

    NB Overland

    Going East this summer and will look your site up for sure, would b nice to hook up with some of you on a trail, thanks.

    OB weekend in the fall?

    Would love to join in. Where exactly is the meet? I’m in Manotick

    Looking to camp in Lower BC

    Will be coming into BC from US on hwy 93 from border up to Radium hot springs, any nice "off the grid" camping, trails worth diverting to while driving up there? I'm planning to be there mid September, if fly fishing is worthwhile I'd get a temp license based on recommendations.

    Grand Tetons/ Jackson Hole

    Thanks for the great tips @Dana Ramos , I'll be in WY mid Sept cruising and looking for spot for nice dispersed camping. And hopefully getting lost. Shadow Mountain really interests me, so I'll probably take your advice, and who knows might join your Northern Rockies meetup group if you get one...

    Planning a South Dakota Meet up

    I'll be in SD mid Sept, so I'd be interested to join if happening during that timeframe.


    Hello fellow adventurers. New to Overlanding, just installed our new RTT a couple of days ago and "almost" ready to go. From Manotick, Ontario, Canada; 2012 Tacoma, 4x4 double cab, long bed; Beginner, and our first Overland Trip ever is coming up, driving west to South Dakota and Wyoming to...

    Adventure R'us

    Adventure R'us