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  1. iluvdrt

    SVO ....Small Vehicle Overlanding

    Here is my 82 Subaru Brat. It has been extensively modded. I am about to go full time in it. If you have never seen one of these it IS small enough to fit into the back of a full size truck. Weighs under 3500lb too.
  2. iluvdrt

    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    I'm down to show up to a few.
  3. iluvdrt

    Arizona area camping

    Thanks mate. I ended up mapping it out with Gaia. Boy, does that trail have some rough spots!!
  4. iluvdrt

    Arizona area camping

    I would like that file please. I plan on doing it later today. I couldn't find it
  5. iluvdrt

    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    Keep in mind in AB the trail to Diablo Drop off is closed from a land slide and bottomless mud pit (Arroyo del....something or other), and the sand stone canyon on Fish Creek is closed again due to a massive boulder blocking the trail. I just did fish creek this last weekend all the way to...
  6. iluvdrt

    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    I'm unsure at this point. My throw out bearing is making bad noises, so I may have to replace that sooner than later.
  7. iluvdrt

    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    You should be fine
  8. iluvdrt

    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    Depends what you drive really. Lifted Subarus do it
  9. iluvdrt

    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    I just did this trail in my Brat last weekend. It's a little rougher than previously, and I'd expect the rain this week to possibly make tougher. There is a switch back where 2 big boulders are in the trail and to go around them is precariously close to the edge. Going up will be a lot tougher...
  10. iluvdrt

    US West SD County NEW monthly meet-up

    Checking in so I can start getting updates on meet ups. I'd love to come out and meet everyone.
  11. iluvdrt

    US Southwest El Camino Del Diablo

    I'm very much aware of the Boarder situations, and I won't be doing this trail alone, or without proper protective measures. I will have a group of about 5-6 people, all of which will also be prepped. Thank you saying that though.
  12. iluvdrt

    US Southwest El Camino Del Diablo

    Awesome, Thanks. I noticed there appears to be some Calderas with lots of lava rock on the trail, are you able to hike to any of them, or is the trail fenced on each side?
  13. iluvdrt

    US Southwest El Camino Del Diablo

    Hey everyone, I am planning to do El Camino Del Diablo early next year and I was curious from those who have done it how the trip was? Is there anything cool to see, or do along the way. I've only been able to see the trail by Ajo, AZ and finish by Walton, AZ. Is the trail longer than that? Is...
  14. iluvdrt

    Subaru Owners Registry

    Wow, we have a lot of San Diego OB members. We should do a OB camping trip.
  15. iluvdrt


    A trail name or GPS coordinates would be nice. I know quite a few areas in Anza Borrego
  16. iluvdrt

    Ohio Overland Route

    Wayne's national forest has quite of trails and stuff. I don't really remember what else is around there.
  17. iluvdrt

    US West Reoccurring - Orange County Overland Bound Monthly Meet-up - 12/01/2018

    Ill try to start making these. Are they posted on the FB group as well?
  18. iluvdrt

    Idependent - cv axle pros and cons

    There is no correct answer to this question. I have had both, and I prefer independent. Independent provides a smother ride at the expense of complexity and slightly less durability when comparing stock to stock. Most of the trails I do, do not require a solid axle, and being as most of them...
  19. iluvdrt

    Mid Atlantic Subaru Overlanders

    We also started a new Mountain Roo chapter on Facebook dedicated to overland Subaru enthusiasts. Do a search for MtnRoo Overland on Facebook and join up. We are always happy to have more OB members in the group. More chit chat on trails and gear than "check out my crosstrek with methods" type...
  20. iluvdrt

    ...but it's a Subaru Outback?! Build thread.

    Just my personal opinion, but light bars above the cab do more bad than good. The glare off of them makes it very hard to see anything. Especially if there is stuff in the air like rain, dust or snow.