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  1. Rexplorer

    Bc to ontario, or how i spent $850 on gas in 2 weeks.

    So i just got back to the okanagan from a trip to the motherland in manitoba. Got a chance to explore 3 different and cool areas. The first pics are from the south boarder road in turtle mountain. This was a cool trail. I cut a few logs but since i was on my own, turned around at a...
  2. Rexplorer

    Resolved Verification for badges.

    Looking to verify my meeting with another ob member for the badge. Posted a thread with pics. Next step?
  3. Rexplorer

    home brew spare tire mount

    Ive seen something like this for $100. This is a work in progress and im into it for $20 and 15 minutes. Gonna cut some slots for the strap and go to a 2" strap. The nuts on the mount grip the tire very well and this thing isnt going to move.
  4. Rexplorer

    west canada facebook page?

    The facebook page has been there for a while with 2 members. I join requested almost a year ago. Whats up with that?
  5. Rexplorer

    mobile chat bubble

    Im browsing in firefox mobile on android. The mobile chat bubble in the lower right corner gets in my grill sometimes. Any way to remove it? I looked around but didnt see anything obvious. Thanks.
  6. Rexplorer

    trips getting too big?

    So i put together a trip in july. 2019 will be the 3rd running. It started off as a bunch of friends that could commit to a big trip on a set date. 2017 there were 14 of us. It was great. This year there were 23 people. 11 trucks and 2 bikez. It was a blast. In 2019 we are looking at close...
  7. Rexplorer


    How many of you bring a bbq? Even a mini one. I currently do but feel it could be left home. Unless we have a fire ban on. Just curious if anyone else does too. Feel free to vote and/or comment.
  8. Rexplorer

    alexander mackenzie trail and 4wdabc

    The 4 wheel drive association of bc just announced last night they are part of a partnership to maintain part of the Alexander McKenzie Heritage Trail. The trail is pretty epic and overland expedition did a few episodes on their adventures on it. This was part of the route alexander used to do...
  9. Rexplorer

    view ranger and brmb.

    If you are looking for a way to navigate, heres another option that works well for canadians. The free viewranger app has added easy links to backroad mapbook basemaps. Not bad price either.
  10. Rexplorer

    gas cans on sale. im getting one.

    Disclaimer... In no way do i work for these guys and i recieve nothing for posting this. A bc adventure company has 12L rotopax style fuel cans on sale right now for under $60...
  11. Rexplorer

    millionare's "private" bc lakes not private afterall

    Some rich american was blocking access to lakes he claimed as his. Turns out they're not. News at 11. Hope this happens a lot more. Right to roam is a thing here after-all...
  12. Rexplorer

    fj cruiser rear door

    Some stuff always comes with me. Makes sense to keep it handy. Mollie racks are cool but dont fit my budget of "close to free". Hence the DIY. I used quick fists for the axe, saw, and the small upper mount that frequently carries a fishing rod or flashlight, but now holds my snow...
  13. Rexplorer

    lego switch panel

    Aluminum backed lego plated switch panel. I got the The aluminum backing machined for 6 switches. Lego covered then i just cut out the openings i needed. The others i will open as i need them. Very simple mount to the dash.
  14. Rexplorer

    overland tour business?

    does anyone here run an overland tour business or something similar? i'd like to talk to you if you do. thanks. delete if not allowed.
  15. Rexplorer

    fire tower tour in british columbia

    20 of my friends and I drove 1000km and checked out 5 old fire towers (or locations where there used to be some) in july 2018. check the trip here. thanks. come join us next year for more is you want.
  16. Rexplorer

    boot camp atricles

    how often are contributed bootcamp articles checked and moved from contributed to actual?
  17. Rexplorer

    fj rear light

    this is nowhere as involved as most of the sweet projects on here, but it serves a purpose, so i dig it. needed more light in the back of my fj. i have the bandi mount from allpro, so a bit of drilling and wiring and an led light and there it is. the shadow in the reverse cam makes it unusable...
  18. Rexplorer

    OB Approved Loading custom maps onto your Garmin device

    There are so many good digital maps that I find and often wish “I wish I could put that map on my Garmin”. Well, you can. Here is how. Step 1. Open Google Earth. Zoom into the area you know the map covers. Step 2. Hit the “Add Image Overlay” button. It will open a window in Google...
  19. Rexplorer

    ratchet strap spare tire accessory mount

    i've come across mounts for jerry cans and rotopax that are basically a ratchet strap that cinches around a rear mounted spare. seems like it has potential. anyone use one? thoughts? pictures?
  20. Rexplorer

    removable roof-rack light bar

    does anyone have roof lights that they can remove? maybe a bar that you can easily attach or take off? maybe it has some plug system that easily lets you remove it? i like roof lights and have had them before on other vehicles, but they hit on branches and barely get used. i'd like the...