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  1. Smokinjoe

    FOR SALE 2019 TurtleBack Getaway Trail

    2019 Getaway Trail For Sale Excellent condition $21,000 This is a Sweet off-road very capable camping trailer. 1K Inverter 35” NITTO Trail Grappler 23Zero RTT King Bed Size Water Heater ICON Suspension Plus much more. Located So California. For more information and pictures please PM me
  2. Smokinjoe

    Red Rock Last Chance Trail Closing

    I just returned from Red Rock State Park GP review meeting and after looking over revised plan concept, no doubt we are losing off-road access! If you are a fan of Last Chance Canyon the trail will be closed at Cudahy Camp and Graduation Hill is off limits!!! Nightmare Gulch trail is listed as...
  3. Smokinjoe

    US West 2018 Turtleback Getaway Trail DEMO Off-Road trailer

    I ordered a Turtleback trailer and traveled to AZ to pickup. While there I made some changes so Dave (Owner of TB trailers) loaned me his personal trailer to use while ours is worked on. The trailer tows Sweet riding on 35’s, timbren axles, great ground clearance, tracks very nice and nicely...
  4. Smokinjoe

    Know your Enemy

    They say " Know your Enemy " is Defenders of Wildlife a very well financed and organized non profit advocacy group based in Washington DC with full time positions across the US. They are not fans of Off-Roaders or 4X4 access that causes environmental threats to the...
  5. Smokinjoe

    California: Action Needed Nightmare Gulch and Last Chance Canyon trail

    I just returned from Red Rock Canyon California State Park General Plan Revision meeting. Based on the proposed maps on display, we are losing access to trails that have been open 4WD trails since the beginning of time like Nightmare Gulch, and parts of Last Chance Canyon trail, also other...
  6. Smokinjoe

    Chicken Rock Panamint Valley

    Took a trip to Panamint Valley to run South Park Loop and check out the new bridge and Chicken Rock obstacle. The BLM just replaced the Bridge and they are going to remove the rock that gives everybody trouble on Chicken Rock. We ran trail before the pucker factor is removed, the shelf road...
  7. Smokinjoe

    FOR SALE ARB Fridge Slide

    ARB Fridge slide for 30-50 qt fridge also includes ARB tie downs XLNT condition $250. shipping extra
  8. Smokinjoe

    Hello From Inyokern, CA

    2015 JKUR 3.5 Rock Krawler 37" NITTOS NEBO RR ... sj