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  1. Nickynick351

    Wanted Wanted: 315/17/16 Duratrac or any MT tire that size! (Bay Area, CA)

    want to bump up from he 33s i have now, and looking to go used for a little to see how it works.
  2. Nickynick351

    Event Cancelled - Hollister Hills SVRA Day trip!

    Hey all! gonna make a Hollister run this Thursday! going to keep it Pretty mild so all beginners and up welcome! and on are welcome! more the better! just gonna cruise down from SF bay area, cruise some trails, have some lunch, and more trails, then home!
  3. Nickynick351

    Wanted Tires! 32x11.5x15 OR 31x10.5x15

    hey! Im looking for tires of that size. some to slap on pretty soon. anyone do an upgrade and have any lying around?! its for a bronco, so idk if 33 will fit with my stock suspension, and i have 31s on now. thanks!!:smile:
  4. Nickynick351

    Help planning a trip NorCal? Bay Area?

    Hey! I'm very new to the community, have a 93 bronco, stock other than exhaust. I would love to maybe plan something for the dates of August 24-29.. Thursday-Tuesday. Doesn't have to be those full days. I know there's an east bay meet up at a brewery as we speak but I'm stuck at work:/ so I'm...
  5. Nickynick351

    San Francisco Bay Area Bronco Here!

    Hey guys!! Finally bought me a Bronco, 1993 351w. Gonna be a daily, but still gonna outfit it the best I can for overlanding! Been following overland bound on Instagram for a while now, and finally got me a rig, and for the city daily driver, a big V8, heavy ass bronco, it's About the Smiles...