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  1. jimmynotjim

    Does anyone make ice while out?

    I just bought this one on sale too mostly for the size and the direction of the lid, but I was surprised at how well it made ice and how often I used it, especially when it was 100 degrees in the desert.
  2. jimmynotjim

    What size fridge do I need?

    I went from a trusty Coleman steelbelt (51 lt) to a Dometic CFX 55. I used to freeze my own solid 2” thick block that fit the width and about 3/4 the length which left enough room for a half gallon of milk and 2lt bottle of soda or lemonade. I’d then pack all the food and mix cubed ice in...
  3. jimmynotjim

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    After years of sloshing ice and soggy food I finally bought a Dometic CFX3 55. A bit larger than I probably needed since the lack of ice frees up a lot of space, but I didn't want the hinge on the short side. Next up will probably be a deep cycle battery so I can ensure it won't shut off so...
  4. jimmynotjim

    Anything to do in Sequoia National Park?

    I haven’t been yet, just moved to CA myself, but when I checked the only campground that was open in Kernville right now is Pioneer Point. Is that the one you're planning on? I was thinking of going up there the end of the month but also debating heading east to the Grand Canyon. If you do go...
  5. jimmynotjim

    Family Trip Recommendations needed

    I've done a similar trip twice now with the family starting in IL and making a loop out and back. The thing I've learned is that the national forests surrounding the parks are often far better camp spots. Less people, less noise, usually just a bit further to get where you need to go. I've...
  6. jimmynotjim

    What piece of gear made the biggest improvement to your experience?

    The drawer system I built into the back of our '05 4Runner that now lives in our '18. It made the three week trip that followed way more organized than previous long trips and we continued to use it in the years since for shorter trips. No more asking if we really have everything, it's all back...
  7. jimmynotjim

    Utah trip advise for honey moon

    We went to Capitol Reef at peak and it was definitely packed but packed there is nothing like the larger parks. My advice would be to get there as early as you can. I think the last site was taken about 6pm, but the better sites were already snagged when we got there about 2 or 3. Good luck...
  8. jimmynotjim

    4Runner advice please

    You can do all the Pro trim additions on your own with an Off-Road for far less than the difference in price, but you may find you don't even have to do much. So far my ORP has served really well as it came plus a few small additions.
  9. jimmynotjim

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Looks like you already have a pair of good steps leaning against the trailer [emoji16]
  10. jimmynotjim

    US West Planning to go on this days to anza-borrego and Cuyamaca Rancho state park ⛺️

    I was a bit surprised to find a lot of Cuyamaca fire roads and jeep trails are all closed (at least the few I checked) and turned into hiking trails (Lookout Rd is a good example). Nothing wrong with it, I love to hike too, but it's disappointing when maps show a promising road. Stick to Anza...
  11. jimmynotjim

    Socal suggestions wanted.

    Anzo Borrego is only two hours away, so is the San Bernardino Nation Forrest. Plenty of trails for all levels at both. One thing to consider at SBNF is chains may be required if it's recently snowed.
  12. jimmynotjim

    US West San Diego Overland Bound Trail Runs

    Crazy last minute but me and another guy from the 4Runner forum are headed up Fish Creek Wash tomorrow morning if anyone is interested in joining us.
  13. jimmynotjim

    Last minute Fish Creek Wash and Sandstone Canyon run - 11/25/2018

    Meeting up with at least one other driver from the Toyota 4Runner forum for a last minute run up Fish Creek with a bit of exploring of Sandstone Canyon. We’ll be heading up the trail at 10am sharp, plan on meeting at the intersection with Split Mountain Rd with enough time to air down or do any...
  14. jimmynotjim

    4Runner Owners Registry

    Three month old Off Road Premium, recently transplanted to San Diego. Not much for mods yet, still breaking it in to be sure of what I want. I did move my rear storage system over from the 05 I had previously. After a month of living in California we finally sought out some dirt on our way...
  15. jimmynotjim

    PNW Exploration Rig

    That's funny because my fiance upgraded me to that stove a few years back. I'd been using one of the white gas models my parents got when I was a Cub Scout. We use the propane model regularly, my only real complaint is the lack of fine adjustment in the burners.
  16. jimmynotjim

    PNW Exploration Rig

    That's a really nice chuck box, reminds me of the ones we used in Scouts. Nice work.
  17. jimmynotjim


    The real culprit is the lack of supporting users. Again and again Windows and Android users show they'd rather pirate software than pay for it. I refused to use Apple for a long time because I wanted the freedom to do as I wanted but when I got into the tech world I saw exactly why developers...
  18. jimmynotjim

    Trip out west October, 2018

    With the short timeline is think of this as a preview for a longer trip in the future, cause it's exactly what I did :) Two years later I took a longer three week to and spent more time at each stop. The itinerary looks good, only advice I have is to not over pack and keep the schedule loose...
  19. jimmynotjim

    Overland GPS on a budget

    That's not what he asked. He asked if his tablet is cell capable does it have GPS capabilities too. There may be some of off-brand tablets where this isn't true, but 90% of tablets that have a network chip also have GPS on the same chip. The cool part is each can work with the other turned off...
  20. jimmynotjim

    Overland GPS on a budget