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  1. Socal R50

    2020 Subaru Outback Onyx XT Overland Build

    Cool build. A family member of mine has an outback on sparco wheels and the same tires. How as the outback done with the stock suspension?
  2. Socal R50

    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    November 7, 2020, 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST Hidden House Coffee, 23382 Mill Creek Dr, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, USA
  3. Socal R50

    Lets see some trail photos!

    My stock pathfinder, before I do some upgrades. Recent trail run with some friends.
  4. Socal R50

    Elmo - 2007 Ford Expedition XLT EL

    Very nice, make sure to post in the "new member" section to get connected with your local OB members. You can also find people on the member map. I have a 2wd Nissan Pathfinder, which I will slowly be building. Keep us posted on your build. Saw the marine badge - Thank you for your service.
  5. Socal R50

    Affordable A/T Tires

    I'm running the Hankook AT2's, they were fairly cheap and they have been great tires
  6. Socal R50

    Finally finished the build.

    Very nice 4runner. the cargo area is so cool
  7. Socal R50

    2005 Toyota Highlander (2wd)

    i have a 2wd. i doubt there is a specific lift kit for the highlander so you may have go parts hunting. if you find the right parts it will be quite easy, if not there may be some modding
  8. Socal R50

    2005 Toyota Highlander (2wd)

    Since your yota is 2wd, the front doesnt have any cv joints. Is the rear a solid axle or does it have cv joints? I have never heard of people lifting highlanders but i would try to find a highlander specific forum. If the highlander has rear cv joints, any lift will change the angle of the...
  9. Socal R50

    2005 Toyota Highlander (2wd)

    i'd try to stay away from a spacer lift. better to just put in longer springs and shocks.
  10. Socal R50

    Hi, newby here

    Hello & Wecome to OB.
  11. Socal R50

    US Southwest Maple Springs Truck Trail

    Trail: Maple Springs *Date Traveled: 10/9/20 *Location: Silverado Canyon *Trail Travel Time: 1.5 driving (up & down) *Length: 6.7 miles *Difficulty: Easy, need some clearance. (has harder lines at the top) Vehicle: 2001 Nissan Pathfiner, 3rd gen 4runner, 2019 nissan frontier pro4x...
  12. Socal R50

    Rig Photos

  13. Socal R50

    Nissan Pathfinder (R50 ) 2in lift build

    Below is my build list from the NPORA forum: Hey all, I've got a 2001 Pathy SE (RWD). This is a 2in lift build list. I have an RWD so I dont have cv joint info on here, but when you lift it will change the cv joint and axle abgles so you will need to change theses. I have been talking with...
  14. Socal R50

    In Hot Pursuit

    The drawers must be nice. didnt know you could have the same plate for multiple cars. Cool build, excited to see what the future holds. been finishing a list of upgrades for my suv
  15. Socal R50

    In Hot Pursuit

    Congrats on the new rig. What all do you have planned for your main tahoe?
  16. Socal R50

    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    Just did maple springs and some other stuff up there today. Pretty fun and dusty. I will take a look at cleghorn.
  17. Socal R50

    New Ford 2021 Bronco

    The new bronco is so cool. Glad to see ford make a proper offroad 4x4 again. Hope to see them out and about soon
  18. Socal R50

    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    any other trails you recommend, that are fairly easy, on the trabuco canyon area?
  19. Socal R50

    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    I emailed the ranger, it opens tomorrow morning. Have you done the trail before? I've heard it is pretty easy
  20. Socal R50

    US West Orange County, CA Monthly Meet-up

    Has anyone hit Maple Springs? Thinking of taking a couple friends up there.