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  1. RoarinRow

    Midland 3 dB Gain Ghost Antenna vs. 6 dB Gain Antenna

    Not sure how concerned I should be with SWR readings on my Midland MXT115 GMRS Radio, but on my 6 db antenna I get about 1.5 reading, on average across most channels, on my SWR. With the 3 db antenna, the reading is closer to 3. If it's a concern, performance and safety-wise, what should I do...
  2. RoarinRow

    Updated my Kenwood TM-V71A Firmware

    First of all I checked what version I was running, which was version 2.10. Newest version, which came out in November is 2.12 according to Kenwood's firmware update page - TM-V71A/TM-V71E/TM-D710A/TM-D710E Main firmware update information ( I already had programming cable -...
  3. RoarinRow

    California Fires and Ash

    Anyone get outside this morning and see the ash piling up on their rigs? Closest fire to us is about 40 miles away. Anyone recommending rinsing down?
  4. RoarinRow

    Ham Radio Mounts

    While searching for a mount for my Kenwood TM-V71A for my other vehicle, I discovered this site - Lido Radio Products No Holes Mounting Solutions They have a bunch of mounting solutions for mobile, handheld, and smartphones. Prices are not outrageous either. Note - I do not work for them lol...
  5. RoarinRow

    Ham Unit Swap

    I recently bought a TYT TH-7800 but quickly discovered It wasn’t as easy to use as I’d hope. Within a day I ordered the Kenwood TM-V71A. Difference between night and day as far as programming, display, clarity, etc. I am now waiting for TNC3 unit and data cable. I should be able to use the...
  6. RoarinRow

    Tire Table

    Received this new tire cable today. I've been looking at it for awhile. Got bored and bought it. Quality is good, easy to setup, and holds up to 50lbs. There was a small area new the tire expansion slot where the powder coating did not get to, so I hit it with some black high temp spray can...
  7. RoarinRow

    Wilco Hitchgate Accessory Plate Kit

    To go with my Wilco XL Solo tire carrier I picked up the accessory plate kit. With the kit I could add a second FuelPax gas tank. I had absolutely no where to put the second tank except either inside the camper shell or on the roof rack. Not sure how stable this accessory plate will be. Time...
  8. RoarinRow

    DIY Faucet in a 5 Gallon Water Can

    Not sure if you'all watched Mike's video on 'DIY Faucet in a 5 Gallon Water Can' on YouTube, but I was inspired to do the same. I bought a 12v cigarette lighter adapter, cut the end off and hooked to my solar, electrical system inside the bed of the truck. Connected the source and can...
  9. RoarinRow

    Furloughed due to coronavirus

    Well add me to the list of 6+ million of people who filed for unemployment. Due to coronovirus sales have dropped and our company had to make some serious adjustments. There is no guarantee that after the virus and shelter in place is lift, etc. that I will be back to work. But I won't be...
  10. RoarinRow

    Garmin InReach Mini GPS and Garmin Instinct Watch

    For pre-Christmas I picked up a Garmin Instinct Watch. On sale from $299 to $199. The selling point for me was/is that the watch has a feature that works with the Mini. From the watch you can send/receive messages from the Mini as well as the ability to send a SOS emergency message. The watch...
  11. RoarinRow

    Reverse lights

    Was trying to figure out how to improve my backup visibility. With my spare tire hitch there is not an obvious place to put an auxiliary backup light. So I found these multi-LED bulbs on Amazon. Wow what a big difference they made. From backup cam From outside truck
  12. RoarinRow

    Storage Box on Roof Racks

    Stupid question, but for those of you who put storage bins on your roof racks, how in the heck do you secure them to your racks? Do you make your own mount? Drill holes through bin, then some sort of contraption to mount to rack? Bungy cords? Net bungy cords? For reference, I have a Yakima...
  13. RoarinRow

    2002 Silverado HD Tire Conversion

    After seeing different threads on recommended PSI, I just remembered that I haven't done my own conversion on PSI from stock to aftermarket wheels/tires. I contacted Toyo Tires at 800-442-8696 (US) and got a hold of someone from their Customer Relations Market. I explained my situation and...
  14. RoarinRow

    2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Ext. Cab Build

    My 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Vortec 6.0L V-8 Gas 4x4 Ext. Cab 300hp 4.10 Axle ratio. Purchased with in 2016 with 99k miles. Since 11/25/16 completed the following to this otherwise stock truck with towing package: Exterior - Added A.R.E. Overland truck camper shell topper - Added BedRug...
  15. RoarinRow

    Wilco Solo Hitch Spare Tire Carrier

    Since I completed my 6” lift and 35” tire set up I had to find a way to store my 35” spare tire. It certainly does not fit comfortably under the truck where the OEM spare was. For the life of me I could not lift it over my head to put on top of my luggage rack. Putting it in the bed of the...
  16. RoarinRow

    Dometic CFX 28 vs Lifetime 28Q Size Comparison

    Just received my Dometic CFX 28 today. It will supplement my Lifetime 28Q cooler. For comparison here are some side by side shots. I did not want to get a bigger fridge as I wanted it to fit in the same exactly place where I have my existing cool. The best thing is that it fits in the same...
  17. RoarinRow

    Topperlift for Camper Shells

    While surfing YouTube I found a guy who had this installed on his camper shell - Topperlift. I feel a mod coming in my near future.
  18. RoarinRow

    Mud flaps or no mud flaps?

    With my new Duratec tires I am concerned about scratching my paint and of course throwing debris from the tires. I am thinking of getting mud flaps for my stock 3” lift Silverado. Your thoughts? Pic for reference.
  19. RoarinRow

    Weboost Reach Cell Phone Signal Booster

    I just picked up one of these Weboost Reach cell phone boosters today. I need it like I need a hole in my head. It's their newest model. Got it cause my cell phone signal is spotty around our area. I have an AT&T iPhone X for personal use and an iPhone 6S for work through Verizon. Both have...