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  1. Sheepdog831

    Kent R - West Coast Ambassador!

    Huge congrats to my brother firefighter Kent. You have been pivotal in helping to establish our local club. Kent has been a great encouragement, faithful friend and trusted mentor to us. We are proud to call him friend and have great faith that he will fulfill his responsibilities and exceed the...
  2. Sheepdog831

    They need to hear your story...

    Hello guys, Michael & Corrie, I know you guys are very busy with OB. But what you guys have created and the spirit of what overlanding is, needs to be heard by the masses. Our family appreciates the world that overlanding has opened our eyes to. And I think there are so many more who need to...
  3. Sheepdog831

    Vision for starting local groups

    Yup, Sierra Foothills would probably be your group. Look up Kent R. Good dude, he will help you!
  4. Sheepdog831

    Santa Cruz / Monterey County meet up

    Thanks Sac! Greatly appreciate that
  5. Sheepdog831

    Santa Cruz / Monterey County meet up

    No, that wasn’t me. We are in the infant stages of forming our group. We are taking it slow and trying to cross all of our T’s and dot all the I’s. We will be posting when we will be having our meet ups and rally points. But first we are trying to organize to get our local folks together. We are...
  6. Sheepdog831

    First Responders - Overland Bound Emblem Rocker

    I think they look sharp!!! I agree wholeheartedly with one of our officers in the rank. We need to honor our LEO’s but more importantly, we need to protect them. I’m not a fan of having our rank or anything easy for the public to identify us, ie. “Officer Smith”. I do like the idea of maybe a...
  7. Sheepdog831

    Vision for starting local groups

    That looks really cool! Thank you, I appreciate that.
  8. Sheepdog831

    Santa Cruz / Monterey County meet up

    We are still moving forward. Haven’t nailed down a day yet. Going tomorrow to do some recon, there some super awesome stuff lined up for us in the 831. I’ll be keeping you guys posted.
  9. Sheepdog831

    Lets call the “Frogman”

    With the heart of overlanding being adventuring with our friends and family, I think it would be killer to reach out to a guy by the name of Eric Davis. He is an author and former Navy Seal. He is passionate about adventure, team building, and parenting. This brother is no joke! It would be cool...
  10. Sheepdog831

    What if...

    This is a really cool idea. I like the idea of a raffle or some kind of fundraiser. I think protecting trails and public land is super important, but what if we adopted a group to give donations to regularly or partner with for adventures? I know my union (International Association of...
  11. Sheepdog831

    First Responders - Overland Bound Emblem Rocker

    Hey Michael, how would we go about getting these first responder emblems. I’ve been putting the word out there about OB here at Livermore Pleasanton FD and have had an overwhelmingly positive response and interest. It would be cool to rock one on the Jeep here at work. Thanks!
  12. Sheepdog831

    Overland Hound

    150 hours this week, I’m almost there at that finishline. I need an Overland trip! Lol
  13. Sheepdog831

    Overland Hound

    Congrats on the new edition my friend!!! May you guys have many many adventures together
  14. Sheepdog831

    Have we considered???

    You guys are good people, thank you for taking the time to explain these things. I understand there are many things happening behind the scenes that I’m not aware of, but it’s encouraging to know that things are happening as we speak! Thanks again for all the behind the scenes work to help...
  15. Sheepdog831

    Have we considered???

    Great perspective! I’m new so the wheels are spinning in my mind. And yes, as I was writing the original post I’m thinking to myself that it’s kind of a dynamic hobby and such a document would be a “living” ever changing piece. Can you guys recommend some of your websites that you use as your...
  16. Sheepdog831

    Have we considered???

    Hey admin team, curious if we have considered putting together a binder of “recommendations” for starting a local group. I know Kent R has been pivotal in mentoring me and directing our group, but just wondering if we have thought of collectively writting a manual? Also, what about a...
  17. Sheepdog831

    "Ghost Recon" Equipment Location Decals

    I like the idea of training and equipment. I am personally not really into the sticker thing, but I think you raise a very valid point of addressing a standardized need for training if someone is interested. Thanks for posting, it is appreciated!
  18. Sheepdog831

    Where art and structure meet

    looking for some recommendations on either existing curriculum or how we at OB conduct member training. Specifically winching, rock crawling, high lift jack use, and vehicle rollover procedures. I realize these are basics and I could probably throw together curriculums myself, but I’d rather...
  19. Sheepdog831

    Areas of expertise

    Thanks Road & Corrie. We appreciate all that you guys are doing behind the scenes, you guys are a class act!
  20. Sheepdog831

    The meaning of your screen name?

    You ain’t lying bro!