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  1. FireMedicPQ1

    OB Approved Overlanding/Camping with a dog

    Can't help but share this photo of my Adventure Pup Banjo. She goes everywhere with me and is an amazing travel partner. She rides shotgun, stays close by, loves to explore the streamside while I fly fish, and is a great trail dog. The only weakness she has is that she loves to roll in piles of...
  2. FireMedicPQ1

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    Shared on another thread, but couldn't help posting again. The Mantis approves of the OB Badge.
  3. FireMedicPQ1

    11 Days. WI —>WY,UT,CO

    Safe travels.
  4. FireMedicPQ1

    Best Trasharoo Mod Ever

    I am not sure where I saw this before, but I did this "mod" for my trips this spring and summer. It works amazing. I line the trash can with a bigger trash bag and when the trip is done - BAM!
  5. FireMedicPQ1

    Show off your campsite

    Here's a few from recent adventures. Enjoy and keep sharing.
  6. FireMedicPQ1

    SOLD *SOLD* For Sale Kelty Shower Tent, New Mexico, $50

    For Sale - offering up this Kelty Blockhouse Privacy Shelter ( for $50 (purchased at REI for $80, now $100). Never used (set up once in my living room). Going in a different direction for a potty tent. Prefer local pick up, but willing to ship if you pay the...
  7. FireMedicPQ1

    last minute trip in NM and AZ

    You can find some great places on Mount Taylor just outside of the town of Grants along I40. If you head south from Grants through the El Malpais and El Morro National Monument, there are some beautiful areas to explore. If you wait until AZ, you will either have to veer southwest from Holbrook...
  8. FireMedicPQ1

    What is your Overlanding Pet Peeve?

    Agreed with most of the comments already - but the one that really irks me is trash, piles of poo and TP. C'mon people! Dig a cat-hole and bury it at least. Better yet, but one of those cool back-county toilet seats with the chem-bag to poo in and pack it out. OK, I'll step down from the soapbox...
  9. FireMedicPQ1

    last minute trip in NM and AZ

    Agreed with heading south out of Grand Junction on Hwy 50/550 through Ridgway/Ouray/Silverton/Durango. This is a very scenic drive and you can hit some of the famous trails around Ouray and Silverton if you have time. If you stay with the Moab route and come down from Cortez - do not go all the...
  10. FireMedicPQ1

    Mogollon Rim, AZ

    Weekend trip to Arizona with some great folks to travel the Rim Road and a little bit of the Arizona BDR. Amazing scenery. Most of the road was very smooth forest road that gets a lot of traffic, but parts of the BDR were slow-going and rocky.
  11. FireMedicPQ1

    Labor Day Weekend. Red River New Mexico

    Hit the Goose Lake Trail out of Red River. There is a place to camp at the top, but it does get a lot of pressure, certainly on a holiday weekend. But most of the traffic are day-trippers on side-by-side rigs.
  12. FireMedicPQ1

    Any one ever seen this trailer

    That looks amazing.
  13. FireMedicPQ1

    Camp kitchen on wheels

    No offense to your idea, but in my opinion if you are going to tow a trailer of similar size to the photo you posted, you might as well make it a sleeping platform as well. I agree with @Road that most teardrop platforms with a rear galley are very functional. I have an off-road teadrop and the...
  14. FireMedicPQ1

    Big Bend Anyone?

    Following this thread. We visited BBNP last spring (stayed at the Lodge). It is a beautiful and special place. I'd like to explore the backcountry a bit. I was looking at the map and it looks like you could get out from the crowds for a few days. I'd be interested in the routes you take. Keep us...
  15. FireMedicPQ1

    North Rim Grand Canyon

    North Rim @ Kelly Point. Another great location. A bit rough getting there in that the trail through the trees is tight and some of the two-track (at least last summer) had some washout. Again, permit needed, but well-worth the effort. Fire Point was also amazing, but the end of the road and out...
  16. FireMedicPQ1

    Scottles Worth the Price?

    I did something similar with the Bayou griddle from Amz. I adapted it a bit different and used the shorter legs that came with the disc. I already had the Coleman burner, so I am into it for around $30. Cooked some eggs and potatoes on it so far, but haven't used it in the field yet. Still, I'd...
  17. FireMedicPQ1

    We explore Mosquito Pass near Leadville, CO

    We tend to hit the Colorado high country in the fall. There is a risk of some bad weather, but we watch the forecasts and plan accordingly. We tend to aim for mid-to-late September.
  18. FireMedicPQ1

    We explore Mosquito Pass near Leadville, CO

    We've done that pass several times. It is spectacular and a fun drive.
  19. FireMedicPQ1

    New Mexico Overlanders

    Unfortunately I didn't have time to wet-a-fly. I did see quite a few rises and it looked really promising. I would like to go back just for the fishing.
  20. FireMedicPQ1

    New Mexico Overlanders

    Glad you made it safe and had the place to yourself. We were admiring your rigs as you passed. We were with some folks and stayed in Red River so no camping for this trip. I have an off-road teardrop trailer and was thinking I may attempt to bring it up to the lake in the future. The road had...