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  1. 86burban

    Rimrocker trail

    Stupid question here, but please indulge me for a second of your time. Is it possible to do the Rimrocker Trail from Moab to Montrose? Everything I have found is titled “Montrose to Moab”. Is it possible to do it backwards? Thank you.
  2. 86burban

    Lift size for overlanding?

    I cannot decide between a 4" or 6" lift for my Suburban. Has anyone gone too high and regretted it or stayed conservative and regretted it? Looking for a good all around lift size. I'm leaning more toward a 4" lift So I don't have to buy new drivelines.
  3. 86burban

    1986 Suburban

    I bought a 4x4 1986 Chevrolet 3/4 ton Suburban about five years. The guy I bought it from was told it was not going to pass smog because the carburetor was not stock. It sat for three years prior to me buying it. A little research goes a long way. I found out the carb on it was sold as a...