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  1. Intrepid Photographer

    Got My Overland Member Kit!

    Well this was exciting to see at my door today. My Overland Bound member kit arrived! I have to admit that the quality of the gear and how it was packaged, is amazing. Great job on supplying good product. I definitely feel like I got my money worth when I opened the package. Now I just need...
  2. Intrepid Photographer

    Where the winter road ends, the skis begin

    I decided to drive up to one of my favourite hidden destinations in the Kawarthas today, and this time of year the access road into The Gut Conservation Area isn't vehicle friendly. When the winter road ends, that is where the backcountry skis come into play. The snow was deep, crunchy and...
  3. Intrepid Photographer

    Greetings from Guelph

    Hello from Guelph! Is there a regular meet up for our region?
  4. Intrepid Photographer

    Hello from Ontario

    Good evening folks! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself and my rigs. I'm Sean from Canada and I'm a professional photographer who loves exploring the vast natural wonders of this world. My vehicles of choice are a 2004 Jeep TJ (currently under going a full rebuild) and the newest...