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  1. roamingtimber

    Boise, Id Anyone been there?

    Later this month I'm going to spend 10 days or so in Boise. I'll be staying in a hotel and have a renal car. I'll have a day or two to myself and a few hours after work each day to kill. Anyone have any tips on things to see or so? Places to eat, etc? I'd like at least one adventure like I hike...
  2. roamingtimber

    REI Dividends are out!

    My REI dividend arrived in the mail today! We're spending ours on a "garage" for our tent and a shelter for camping. Anybody else excited about it?
  3. roamingtimber

    NW Overland Rally

    Early bird registration is open for the NW Overland Rally, anyone else going?
  4. roamingtimber

    Olympic Peninsula Trip

    In March the wife and I are dropping the kids off at grandma's and taking off for 4 days of camping and adventure. The first child free trip since our daughter was born in October. We're not making many hard plans, we have a couple of things to see but not real plans, we're going to let the...
  5. roamingtimber

    Where have you been? Where do you want to go?

    Ive been to every state but Alaska, I've been to B.C. And Alberta in Canada and the following countries: France, Greece, Turkey, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Simgapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, China and New Zealand. New Zealand was by far the best place I've been. Top places I want to visit...
  6. roamingtimber

    Overland Bound Expedition Flags

    im wondering if maybe some Overland Bound expedition flags could be in the shops future? Just like a simple nylon banner with the OB logo on it? Something we could take out to remote places where maybe you couldn't take your vehicle like a mountain peak or the North Pole. Just an idea.
  7. roamingtimber

    Air Rifles

    Im looking at buying an air rifle and I'm hoping for some input from you fine folks. I want something cheap to shoot that I don't need a range for to keep my skills sharp, and I want to be able to do some pest control. I've looked some at the Crosman rifles but not much more. Thoughts?
  8. roamingtimber

    NW Overland Rally 2016

    NW Overland Rally 2016 will be held June 23-26 in Plain, WA just outside of Leavenworth. Who's going? I'm planning on it as long as work doesn't interfere. Anyone else? For those that aren't familiar, The Leavenworth area is a beautiful area on the eastern slopes of the Cascades. Alpine peaks...
  9. roamingtimber

    Downloadable bumper plans

    I just bought a set of plans for a front bumper for my Jeep from They cost $30 and came with a PDFs file to view like blue prints and 3 dwg files for use in cad programs and cnc machines. My plan is to take them to the place I bought the steel for my tire carrier and see how...
  10. roamingtimber

    What do you air down to?

    What PSI do you air down your tires to? My deflatures arrived and I'm wondering how low I should take my 32"s.
  11. roamingtimber

    Overland Bound T-Shirt

    Just saw an Tumblr post from Overland Bound about a pretty sweet looking t-shirt. So I hustled over and ordered myself one! Can't wait for me and the Jeep to have matching logos!
  12. roamingtimber

    RoamingTimber's Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

    Before we start the build posts, I want to talk about why I went with a WJ and what my goals for it are. I sold a 2006 Xterra to buy my WJ. The Xterra was lifted with a few other mods and it was a great rig. It went places and did things it was never intended to do, but its lack of lockers or...
  13. roamingtimber

    Budget Overland Rig

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here on Overland Bound and I'm looking for some opinions and advice. Im about to sell a '06 Xterra and buy a budget overland rig. My goal is to spend $3500 or less on the vehicle purchase to leave me money for some upgrades. Im looking for something I can put 2...