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  1. Gravel Travel Canada

    Trailer Build

    Hi all, I am on the starting line and about to start my trailer build. It will be a tear drop style, minus the round shape. I have been collecting parts and I am ready to start. The shape is what's holding me back so I am asking for advice. I really want a queen sized mattress in it but this...
  2. Gravel Travel Canada

    OB weekend in the fall?

    Just throwing this out there to see if there is any interest. I have a piece of property we call "Basecamp" . It's an hour southwest of Ottawa, 40 minutes north of Ogdensburg, NY. Maybe a casual weekend of camping and exploring some local trails. Sept 29-30 weekend. There is room for up...
  3. Gravel Travel Canada

    My GMC Overland Rig

    Started as this... Now looks like this... I'll fill in the two years worth of modifications in future posts. Its a 2015 GMC Canyon. I have had it for two years now, 73, 000 km's. This is my first post on Overland Bound...seems like a great site and community, stoked to join all of...