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  1. rsweet

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Just added two 12v outlets to power Alu-Cab tent and a dometic refrigerator. Hopefully I wired everything correctly :) All works and voltage is correct.
  2. rsweet

    Opinions on decked system

    Love my decked system with Leitner Designs rack...everything has a place.
  3. rsweet

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    I would say Plexiglas, this is the kit I bought New 200 Watt 12 Volt Solar Premium Kit with a 100 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery.
  4. rsweet

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Installed Renogy premium 200 watt solar panels...
  5. rsweet

    Forget Overlanding!

    Just finished installing my 200 watt solar panels...Renogy premium 200 watt kit. Now for a Dometic refrigerator and rig will be done!
  6. rsweet

    Solar Camp Light Reviews/Suggestions

    I have four of these B004OYXD7A. Work really well, very small and fuel works in backpacking stoves. I prefer natural light and they give off heat, which is plus.
  7. rsweet

    Forget Overlanding!

    Getting ready for a Dometic fridge. Just picked up a Renogy 200 watt solar panel kit and a 100 amp iron phosphate lithium battery. Hopefully it will be enough juice. Mounting tomorrow. Will post pictures.
  8. rsweet

    DIY Solar Camp Shower

    I just use one of these... fit a decked drawer, like 9"x9"x9".
  9. rsweet


    SureFire has rechargable batteries via USB and you can pop in standard. SureFire Fury DFT Dual Fuel Tactical LED Flashlight
  10. rsweet

    Hello from Orange County

  11. rsweet

    What's your latest camping gear purchase, and what caused you to buy it?

    Just put on a Alu-Cab shower cube...hate setting up a separate tent for showering and toiletries. Unzip and boom! Instant private room. Complitments my Alu-Cab shadow awning on the passenger side. Like everything Alu-Cab does, quick and easy.
  12. rsweet

    Monache Meadows with my offroad trailer and Tepui RTT

    Just did Monache meadows 4x4 trail. Must have been fun with a trailer :fearful:
  13. rsweet

    Fake Overlanding?

    Went to Australia last year. Saw so many campers on the road. Let's stop. Think. US has been overlanding since the beginning. The Aussies and South Africans too. The roof top tent is something introduced to the US because we don't have lions, spiders and very venomous snakes. We have always...
  14. rsweet

    Tips for efficiently doing camp dishes?

    Can't say enough about how useful the flo-master is! Buy one and you won't look back. Also I have a camp chef hot pot, which is great to have for huge amounts of hot water! Coffee, cooking, cleaning, bathing etc. Hot water in the flo-master just blows stuff off of dirty dishes.
  15. rsweet

    Post Up Your Cockpit

    Simple, iPad on RAM mount. Real nice thing is for a Tundra is the Switch Pro setup from SDHQ! Eight switches in the business card space on a Tundra console. Super clean install. Nice iPhone/iPad app to configure and change LED color. Running Baja Designs squadron Pro amber in foglights and white...
  16. rsweet

    Educate me with an adage....

    Remember me as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I, As I am now, so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me.
  17. rsweet

    US West Reoccurring - Orange County Overland Bound Monthly Meet-up - 12/01/2018

    My wife and I will be there...looking to meet new friends :)
  18. rsweet

    Do you use your awning?

    Lunch in Monache Meadows...
  19. rsweet

    Water Purification System

    Wow just looked at the pricing for guzzleH2O...go with MSR or Katydyn. Way cheaper and they have been around for a long long time.
  20. rsweet

    Water Purification System

    MSR Mountain Safety Research has nice filters. Pair it with a dromedary bag and your set. Water Treatment Filters & Purifiers | MSR