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  1. Vin

    Oregon Dispersed Camping

    I know this is a little like asking Coca-Cola for their secret recipe, but I thought this would be a good place to ask anyway. I will be spending a few weeks in Oregon this coming August. Mainly in the Willamette, Mt. Hood, and Siuslaw National Forests. I imagine August will be a popular time...
  2. Vin

    Colorado Dispersed Camping Question

    I almost hesitate to ask this, because I'm worried I know the answer... Planning a 2-3 week trip to Colorado starting around July 22nd. We'd like to incorporate a decent amount of time in dispersed campsites to get away from the largest crowds, but wondered how packed they were likely to be...
  3. Vin

    Looking for Travel Ideas

    With this question I'm going to press right up against the accepted general definition of overlanding as being vehicle dependent travel... which includes a pretty wide range of approaches. Can anyone recommend an operator who owns their own vehicle that would be able to conduct nationwide...
  4. Vin

    WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rock Sliders

    First an explanation and then a question: The aftermarket for a WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee can best be described as... "challenging." Assuming you didn't get rock rails included as a factory option I have only come across a few options: 1. Mopar rock rails - basically the same rock rails as the...
  5. Vin

    OB 8163 From Houston, Texas

    Greetings, I like to think that I am happiest when far out and photographing landscapes with my wife and young son. I've spent years travelling by foot or bumming a ride from friends, but decided to make the jump to overlanding as we were either feeling rushed always having to leave a location...