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  1. GeoCampers #4771

    EU Mid Europe Sunday drive in the Netherlands

    Sorry Laurens, already at an other meet.
  2. GeoCampers #4771


    We have an agreement with regarding the TRED recovery boards. Here are the details: ALL TRED products (boards and accessories) receive a 15% discount with the purchase of minimum 1 set of TRED recovery boards The Discount is valid on all orders done before 30/09/2019. You will...
  3. GeoCampers #4771

    OB mid Europe meet up brainstorm

    Not much response here. I think it is best to put up a meeting with 2 or 3 people, put it in rally point and than see who will turn up. Setting a date with 10 people never works.
  4. GeoCampers #4771

    Pre event briefing.

    Ok, this is what I came up with for the moment. This document is a life document and should not be seen as a "holy bible" but as an aid for everyone willing to set up an OB meet. It is primeraly intended to use in Europe since we are a fast growing group with a lot of new people getting to know...
  5. GeoCampers #4771

    Pre event briefing.

    Dave, ofcourse t is a result of the risk assesment. My point was that in Mid europe we do not have that many experiance in organizing those things and have many new people, new to OB but also new to group trips and offroad driving. For that i would like a document that can be a guidline to...
  6. GeoCampers #4771

    Pre event briefing.

    @Michael is such a document avalable in OB?
  7. GeoCampers #4771

    Pre event briefing.

    This post comes as a result of our latest OB Europe Mid meeting in The Netherlands. As the Europe group is growing, the amount of new people at an event also grows. That means that the unwritten rules of trailing together are no longer known by everyone. So i was thinking of composing a...
  8. GeoCampers #4771

    Roof Rack Load Ratings

    That is what i said, the numbers are there for the insurance,. You can sertanly load more, BUT, when in an accindent, you insurance will be the first to say you loaded to much and therefore they refuse to pay. But you are right, structualy the car can have many times more than rated.
  9. GeoCampers #4771

    The overland gadget thread

    A question, I know the new Jetboils have a better regulating system than my older (+5Y) Jetboil, allowing to simmer. Does your "Copy" also is able to simmer? Because for cooking food that is something i realy want and missing richt now. It would be great if it could. I'm looking to buy a new...
  10. GeoCampers #4771

    Roof Rack Load Ratings

    Almost all ratings are dynemic ratings. The question is would you load more than say the ARB's 165lbs on your roof? The vehicle than becomes very top heavy and unsafe on and off raod. And most probably your vehicles max roof load is less than the 165lbs. Ofcourse you could load more, no problem...
  11. GeoCampers #4771

    Fake Overlanding?

    What else would we debate on? facts? there is no debating on facs, they are afterall facts. So we debate on colors and tasts. What do you talk about around a campfire otherwise? For me it is fun to read all the different opinions and see people questioning my opinion, it makes my opinion...
  12. GeoCampers #4771

    Fake Overlanding?

    Let me set one thing clear, i'm not jealous at all. Why should I be jealous at your stuff that you will never use? It was your money all along. My point was that i don't care what you buy, but don't try to fool me by saying you NEED it, you WANT it yes but be honnest, how much of the stuff we...
  13. GeoCampers #4771

    Fake Overlanding?

    Wow, someone need to get out more. So you can only argue with someone if you already have different mindsets???? So it is forbidden to play the devils advocate so we can built better agruiments ??? If you make a point, it is forbidden that i ask questions or question your point just for me to...
  14. GeoCampers #4771

    OB Approved Overland Bound Comms Frequency Guide

    Maybe already mentioned; but in EU CB and UHF are licened if you use high power (+4W) for everything up to 4W (send and receive) you do not need a licence. Everything more you do. For CB we use generalt channel 16 (4x4)
  15. GeoCampers #4771

    Fake Overlanding?

    Yes, but sometimes arguing just for the sake of the argument is fun! :tonguewink: And yes it is a valet argument we are having, if you make a statement like "I'm an overlander" you better be prepared to explain what it is. Because in this case, the word overlanding has a history, a history of...
  16. GeoCampers #4771

    EU Mid Europe Mid Europe late summer meet up

    Just don't think i'll make it on friday. Saturday morning maybe.
  17. GeoCampers #4771

    Overland Bound Software & Migration Update

    Summer is almost over. Any chanse you need beta testers in europe???
  18. GeoCampers #4771

    Fake Overlanding?

    So after a day well spend discussing this in the whatsapp group (yes, i had nothing better to do today). For me Overlanding is the following: "Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is...
  19. GeoCampers #4771

    Overland Bound at Bad Kissingen Annual Meet up - 06/20/2019

    Normally will arrive on Tuesday afternoon.
  20. GeoCampers #4771

    Overlandbound Member Meetup in 2019 Germany

    Ok sorted than, we will take the hill at BK. Maybe I should come anyway than.