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  1. Pyrotech

    My take on a bed rack

    A rough design of version one of a bed rack that I am working on
  2. Pyrotech

    DIY Molle Panel for Truck Bed

    A little something I put together for the front of the truck bed. Back from the laser cutter, from design to reality less than 6 days Had to slot the mounting holes since My measurements was off by about 1 cm. I also updated the cad model to put a bit of a radius in at the bottom corners
  3. Pyrotech

    4 Way Tire inflator and Deflator

    Airing down tires for traction is an old trick that is used by many looking to gain traction. Airing down each tire on its own, and then airing it back up can be faster with a 4 way setup. I recently made this setup based on the following video. with a slight change, I made the Gauge and...
  4. Pyrotech

    The Someday Build 3rd Gen Tacoma

    This thread is to document the build that someday may happen to my new 2019 Toyota Tacoma ORD Offroad 4x4. I retired the Cherokee recently after it hit 301,000 miles, not because it was not reliable, but it does need a new exhaust and power steering pump. and It is time for it to get some work...