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  1. Joel S

    Solar Panel Wattage

    What wattage are you running on your rig? I have a prinsu rack so it’s pretty modular, looking to mount a solar panel for a dual battery setup. Is the wattage good enough? Do you wish you had more? I’m pretty interested
  2. Joel S

    Grand Tour Mongolia Special

    The episode was stunning. Also making me rethink what I do to my rig. what I have works great. Also that buggy is amazing! where do i get one???
  3. Joel S

    Winch Roll Call!

    What winches are you running? Post your experience here!
  4. Joel S

    Dash Cam

    Anyone here run with a dash cam? Experiences hardwiring in?
  5. Joel S

    Falcon Suspension Quality?

    Jeep guys! 4Runner owner here. Falcon now makes shocks for the 4Runner, any opinions on the products they make??
  6. Joel S

    Valle Vidal/Loop Road - Crossing the Rockies

    I've done this one multiple times. its beautiful, and no one goes there! northern new mexico. Road starts north of cimarron. Drive this road until here, then you get on the "Loop Road" this goes from dirt road to easy off road trail. Fr1950, to Fr1914, to Fr 1910, all the way to Cimarron...
  7. Joel S

    rig wash with a snorkel

    What do you do to your vehicle to prevent water getting in when hand washing a rig?
  8. Joel S

    4Runner Build - Community guided

    Just picked her up from the dealer, needs a name and parts ideas! My Ideas - King Suspension Some upper Control Arms Snorkel Winch Rock Slides Anything Else I have yet to think of, but I am really open to Ideas!
  9. Joel S

    Custom Bed Cage?

    So i've been looking for a bed cage for a Tacoma (or really for any midsized truck with a 5' bed) and I haven't been able to find one that I specifically like. the closest one that I have found is the Wilco off road ADV Rack (Found Here - The...