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  1. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    US Southwest AEV Rear Bumper - Jeep Jk - SOLD

    Wouldn’t let me edit the original post, so here are some photos. I’m in Phoenix, AZ but heading to LA early next week if any one in interested.
  2. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    US Southwest AEV Rear Bumper - Jeep Jk - SOLD

    I have an extra AEV rear bumper for a JK. Bumper is good condition. Has some tiny scratches. Water tank end caps are brand new and it comes with a brand new hardware install kit. I need to make room in the garage. Come get it! $450 obo.
  3. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Help! Electrical Demon

    Follow up. Reached out to Shane at Genesis Off-road. He walked me through the system and helped me identify the problem as two dead batteries. The batteries were less than two years old and still covered by warranty. So I swapped them out and upgraded the red top to a yellow top which should...
  4. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Help! Electrical Demon

    Help! I’ve got an issue I truly didnt expect to have with a genesis dual battery install. First the set up. 2016 JKUR. I have the dual battery kit running an optima red top for the cranking battery and a yellow top for the aux battery. I have an SPOD and the power lines for an ARB dual...
  5. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    I need a secret hiding spot near!

    Anywhere in there. It might be a far reach to make work, but you never gain anything if you don't try. Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
  6. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    I need a secret hiding spot near!

    I've been working out of the LA area for the past few months. I'm getting sick of the hotel life. I've been pondering the thought of bringing my rig out and base camping from it during the week and then venturing out on the weekends while I'm off. It would need to be somewhere safe enough to...
  7. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Expedition/Off Road Trailer Rentals???

    Check out Turtleback Trailers. They rent their trailers out of Phoenix and Salt Lake City. I did the same thing with my family last weekend to see how we would all do. It was a success. We rented our from their Phoenix location. Extremely friendly and helpful folks at Turtleback...
  8. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Jeep renegade

    Is the day star lift available for the desert Hawk? I may be wrong, but I remember reading (on quadratec) that the daystar lift would not work on the trail hawk. It may have been some of the other items like the bumpers and such. Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
  9. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Jeep renegade

    What model Renegade did you go with? I'm strangely intrigued by the renegades as an overlanding option. Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
  10. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Overland Expedition From Oregon to Alaska -

    Awesome trip! I'd love to see more details on the route you took. Truly enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing! Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
  11. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Arizona Overlanders

    Avondale checking in. I'm very interested in doing some runs and getting to know more of the overlanding community in the PHX area.
  12. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Have a Member Number? Upgrade Your Account!

    Looking to upgrade to full membe status. Member 4330. Thank you!
  13. Fatguyinalittlejeep

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Newly joined the forums and became a member. OB4330 Location: Avondale, AZ Rig: 2016 JKU Rubicon - mostly stock but quickly building. Experience: somewhere between rookie and starting to get the hang of it. Smart enough to know I have a world to learn. I've been watching the OB community...