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  1. WUzombies

    Mobile HF questions

    After the GNE last month I'm thinking about testing up and putting a mobile HF rig in the family adventure van. I know a couple of you have experience in such things and I wanted to know if I was barking up the wrong tree. During the GNE the 2M communications between members of our group went...
  2. WUzombies

    The Great Northern Expedition

    After 5350 miles, 5 national parks, 21 days and more whiskey than should be allowed, the massive multi-family adventure has drawn to a close. Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, Arches and Mesa Verde, the outdoors were epic and I long for some of that north west Montana weather right now back in...
  3. WUzombies

    This is what I've been planning. Three families, three weeks and three national parks!
  4. WUzombies

    HAM whuffo?

    Whuffo is the best term I have to describe the type of person, it's a skydiving term for non-jumpers. It comes from "wha for you jump outta dem aeroplanes" which is the question that 99% of the world gives a skydiver as a first response. HAM whuffo, there has to be a better term for it, is...
  5. WUzombies

    Quad band/all band mobile

    I'm reading up on this topic right now as I'm studying for General and dreaming of significant upgrades in my mobile comms. The Yaesu 8900 is a single antenna quad band with a couple of companies making multi-coil quadband antennas, but tomorrow a new antenna arrives from HRO (this one a Larsen...
  6. WUzombies

    What is your dream rig?

    I'm building an E-van for family adventure and it is a build I've wanted to do for some time, but it isn't my dream rig. It is the best rig I can build for my budget. There is a dream rig, as impractical as it would be, if money wasn't a consideration. My dream rig would be a fully built...
  7. WUzombies

    Happy New Year!

    I hope everyone has an epic night, we're already done and should be in bed by our old-people prescribed time of about 2100.
  8. WUzombies

    2003 E-150 Build (Family Adventure Van)

    Purchased from a fleet resale lot in north Texas in June 2015 on the way home from a two week trip to the Smokey Mountains. It took that trip to finally get my wife to agree to the purchase (After trying for nearly 5 years), found the van online and quickly made the purchase. 2003 E-150 XL...
  9. WUzombies

    HAM for safety!

    I have a mounted CB and 2-meter in my rig, but in camp I use dual band handhelds. Last night and this morning I was reminded why: I'm sorry I can't post the text here, it is too long. TL;DR Having good commo can keep you safe while out on an adventure...
  10. WUzombies

    Eisenhower SP

    Hitting Eisenhower for a rare camping outting sans kids tomorrow-monday if anyone is going to be around. I'll be off and on the Sherman 2-meter repeater throughout the stay.
  11. WUzombies


    Surely some others here adorn their bodies with their own personal tapestries of life. My tattoos revolve around the important life waypoints and family. Today I had four hours of color work on a big piece that is in progress. More to be added in April (since my wife took my February slot...
  12. WUzombies


    We're slackers and opt to stay at hotels while traveling (when not set to camp) and the family adventure van is our basic family truckster, so even with no gear, the van roof rack antennas and all is rolling. In dfw and the hotel is self parking in a garage that has under 7ft clearance or...