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    Trailer ideas that might help some people

    Ive Been looking into overland trailers but cant afford the price of most. So naturally i thought i can make one or modify something that would work and figured i would share my thoughts here if anyone else was in the same boat as me. If anyone has ever seen the generator light towers that are...
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    New York and Surrounding Trails??

    Where in NYC? An outdoors lover can survive in the state, it has plenty of great places. Sometimes its just a matter of how far youre willing to drive.
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    New York and Surrounding Trails??

    Yea the more i dug the more i realized off roading in NY was going to be a let down. Thanks for all the info. I looked at Alleghany and it seems to be pretty promising.
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    New York and Surrounding Trails??

    New to the forum, Im a big fan of camping and used to be a fan of off roading my old jeep. A couple months ago i got a Tacoma, and being its a nice reliable vehicle i started looking into places off the long island where i live to get out camping and exploring. Between that and looking into mods...