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  1. bushnut

    Bc to ontario, or how i spent $850 on gas in 2 weeks.

    Nice! A - holes who leave their garbage should get 50 lashes.
  2. bushnut

    Winnipeg Meet & Greet thread

    I’m baaak! Saw Leit Cruiser on the way into town. I suppose everyone is out and about for the long weekend, but I’d love to get together sometime soon. Also I’m currently unemployed and looking for work....
  3. bushnut

    Canada! New Brunswick and Nova Scotia then on to Winnipeg!

    Final preparations today we hit the road tomorrow morning. Route changes are in place as flooding along the St. John river have closed the main highway and many auxiliary roads as well. There are over 80 road closures in the province. Thankfully drier weather is coming though they are predicting...
  4. bushnut

    To Chainsaw or not to Chainsaw, that is the question

    I too carry a Silky big boy and a good SHARP ( if it doesn’t cut paper it’s not sharp) axe. Good price and a good way to save weight over a chainsaw and extra fuel.
  5. bushnut

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    GAS, to go somewhere cool.
  6. bushnut

    To Chainsaw or not to Chainsaw, that is the question

    They might not be wearing chainsaw chaps but instead pants. In either case there are panels of loose woven Kevlar strands that are designed to stall the chain should it come in contact with your leg. If I am working all day with a saw then I wear the pants. But if I’m only going to be using it...
  7. bushnut

    To Chainsaw or not to Chainsaw, that is the question

    If you do decide to bring a chainsaw, for goodness sake get some chaps and some training! I almost cut my leg off with a saw. It happens so fast! 2 years later and my leg is not the same as it was.
  8. bushnut

    Canada! New Brunswick and Nova Scotia then on to Winnipeg!

    That would be awesome! Subscribed! No YouTube channel for us, I’ve got what you call a face fit for radio. I will be posting as often as I can though. Drive safe and keep the rubber side down.
  9. bushnut

    Best budget 4x4/SUV

    Look at the Nissan Xterra as well. They were available with a diesel in South America.
  10. bushnut

    Canada! New Brunswick and Nova Scotia then on to Winnipeg!

    12 days till kick off! We plan on leaving on the 1st of May. Heading first to Northern NB from our base in Fredericton NB, then back down to NS. A little loop of Cape Chignecto on to 5 Islands, then Truro. From there we’ll head to Cape Breton. Then back to Fredericton NB, and start our trip to...
  11. bushnut

    Winnipeg Meet & Greet thread

    I’m in. As soon as we get back. Lots of stories to tell!
  12. bushnut

    Looking to explore the Atlanta Section of Canada.

    We’ll be doing half of Nova Scotia, most of Cape Breton and then the long drive west to Manitoba. Using to plan camp spots. There are lots of great spots to see. You’ll love Newfoundland. The drive from Labrador to QC is long but worth it. My brother did it a few years ago...
  13. bushnut

    Rancho RS9000xl Adjustable Shocks

    I’ve been running the 9000s for a year now. I find them quite good. I had bilstein 5160 previously and had an upper eyelet fail while driving through town. I use the adjusters on the 9000s when transforming from DD mode to trip mode. Noticeable difference in handling.
  14. bushnut

    Winnipeg Meet & Greet thread

    Hey Guys! After having spent an awesome winter in NB we are Winnipeg bound in May. We should be there sometime before the long weekend. I’m looking forward to a meet up with you again. We are planning a quick tour into N.S. before we head back and some camping along the way. Cheers!
  15. bushnut

    Bumper / winch question

    This one is pretty
  16. bushnut

    Atlantic Canada

    Good spots are always quite, free, and have great views. Or are in the back yards of cool people.
  17. bushnut

    Eastern Canada

    Hey all, we’ll be traveling through Ontario in mid May on the way to Winnipeg. Anybody want to meet up or have a cool free camping area they can recommend? Planning starts now! Looking forward to hearing from you. Adventure-mobile team.
  18. bushnut

    Ready, willing and able...Adventure-Mobile

    Ready, willing and able...Adventure-Mobile
  19. bushnut

    Atlantic Canada

    Well our lease is up May 1st. So we’d like to hit the road ASAP after that. We’d like to mostly back to Winnipeg by May long weekend. Though we realize that the weather may work against us. We are prepared for cold weather. This early in the season most commercial camp sites will be closed. We...
  20. bushnut

    Atlantic Canada

    Hi all, it’s time to plan the next leg of our adventure. The short story is we traveled from Winnipeg MB to Fredericton NB last summer. We’ve had a blast here in Fredericton. But in May it will be time to head for home. We plan on first driving south to Halifax, run the coast highway, maybe...