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  1. emtgared

    Okie Visiting Red River Area

    Hello all, Im an okie overlander, but we will be up at red river likely july 8th-21st time frame. we have a family cabin in red river, and visit often, but other than the local trails, Greenie peak, 4th of july, etc, I haven't did a lot of exploring. this trip while the family is at the cabin...
  2. emtgared

    Oklahoma overlanders where ya at?

    heres a few more pics. its 4x8 basically, 4x6 box with 2 ft tray on the front. 3500 lb axle, for stronger bearings, with matching hub pattern for jeep, so the wheels and tires will swap over. 2200 lb springs, so the suspension rides smooth. Max coupler on the front, stabilizer jacks front and...
  3. emtgared

    Oklahoma overlanders where ya at?

    I drove through it when I did the OAT in September. I had no idea it was as big of an area as it is. I plan on going back and doing a weekend trip or something this year and exploring the area more.
  4. emtgared

    Oklahoma overlanders where ya at?

    Figured it was time to post up and start being active on here. I'm Gared Findley, Located in Hinton OK. Been wheeling for years, but the last few the overland bug has taken a hold on me. I still do some wheeling trips, and some just camping trips, and love just about anything outdoors. Rig is...
  5. emtgared

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Long time lurker, Figured it was time to post up and introduce myself. I'm Gared Findley, From Hinton Oklahoma. Been offroading most of my life, but overlanding has taken over in the last few years. Each year the equipment, knowledge, and adventures evolve and I cant wait to see what this year...