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    NC Piedmont/CLT Meet-Up Planning

    A few FS roads in Pisgah close to Brevard - 1206 or Yellow Gap Rd, 5000 or Wash Creek Rd, 476 or Wolf Ford Rd. Unfortunately I'll be at the beach the weekend of the 7th and then as of now if the next meetup in October 5th I should be available.
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    US Southeast NC/SC Piedmont - Old NC 105 Ride

    Hurricane Creek is a good trail to run. Maybe 50 mins to Asheville. Maybe an hour. But it's a good trail to hit from I-40 entrance and then take it North. It'll spit you out a few hundred yards from Max Patch which is a bald on the AT. Wide open (free) camping there where you could potentially...
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    US Southeast Windrock Fall Color

    I'm debating going here or Beasley's Knob in GA for a 4-day Labor day weekend. Never been to either so doing my research at the moment. A little early for fall colors though isn't it?
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    Metal Fabrication for tailgate table

    I'd love to have some space and a workshop to tinker around in. One day... I feel like it'd be pretty handy to have wherever I go on top of being a space saver vs having to remember to pack a table that undoubtedly take up more room. As for model/plan I would say what is in the link below. I...
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    Hurricane creek to max patch NC

    I did it two weeks ago for the third time and used 4lo once (JK 2.5" lift 33"AT) running it from max patch towards 40 (so I did it backwards this time?) The one part was tricky because it was pretty slick and had some deep ruts. Really had to find a line and hold to it otherwise you would be...
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    Nemo tunnel, Tennessee

    I watched the video. On my list to do - Might get around to it in two - three weeks.
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    Metal Fabrication for tailgate table

    Does anyone in the Charlotte-metro area have any connections with a simple metal fabricator or have the tools at their house/shop to bend metal? I'm wanting to build a fold down tailgate table for my JK. I know I can buy one but the price is way too high for two thin pieces of aluminum, two...
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    New B – want to plan Georgia traverse trip

    Start a meet-up thread and post the link to it here to get a separate and designated thread going. I'd be interested - I've only done the western half.
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    Hurricane creek to max patch NC

    Hot Springs is a cool little town to check out. Lots of hikes of all difficulties. Lots of neat cabins to stay in. The AT runs through town so there are some good outdoor/gear shops that people use to restock supplies. I think there are two white water companies based there that also offer...
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    Hurricane creek to max patch NC

    Report back and let us know if it's rutted out big time or not - I'll actually be there next weekend. Staying Firday-Sunday in Hot Springs but me and another will most likely run it. I've done it twice before but he hasn't.
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    New B – want to plan Georgia traverse trip

    As for the west half I wouldn't sweat anything with a stock SUV/Truck. Fire roads abound. I saw a Chrysler 300 drive past me at one point early on in. I do hear the east has more terrain to deal with but can't speak on the difficulty. I did about half in 2.5 days starting west and working east...
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    US Southeast NC/SC Brown Mountain OHV Overnight Trip - 04/06/2019

    Definitely bummed I'll be missing this. I've been registered to run the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston that weekend. I'll be looking for this to happen again as I've never done Brown Mtn nor have I ever participated in a meet up. This would have been perfect but alas! Familiar with Pisgah...
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    FL to the Georgia Traverse

    I did about half in 2.5 days and that is with stopping for some hikes, enjoying the journey and setting up camp kinda early due to the lack of sunlight (went in mid-October). Started on the west and drove east. I'll be going back to do the second half with the intention of 2.5 days again. Enjoy...
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    US Southeast Coppinger cove

    Still up in the air but it'll happen and I'll be sure to let you know so we can try to make a date work.
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    US Southeast Coppinger cove

    Me and a buddy are looking to do this two weeks form now or shortly after. Make a weekend out of it or something like that. He's from Huntsville, AL and I'm from Charlotte, NC. We have been looking for a map since neither one of us has been. What do you have for a map and I'll let you know when...
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    2016 JKU Rubicon Hard Rock - Jolene

    I don't. I don't have any plans for any mods that would require that. I run 33's so I have that on the swing gate and a CB antenna but I don't see any future mods that would have me looking into that. I don't know anyone with an upgraded hinges or the like. I guess check build forums or gear forums?
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    2016 JKU Rubicon Hard Rock - Jolene

    Ever think about a beefed up tailgate swing arm to handle the additional weight of the larger tire, anything you put in the trasharoo (yousaid firewood which could add some lbs), and the extra fuel tank? Even a partially filled tank will add some heft and stress when it is open. I've read some...
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    Camp Photos!

    Took two weekends ago on the Georgia Traverse. LC60 backlit by our campfire with the Wrangler to the left. Fire wasn't all that big but the 30 sec exposure time made it look like we had an inferno raging.
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    georgia traverse

    If you have any further questions message me and I can give further detail First site: 34.813275, -84.657945 Located on a horseshoe bend on Sumac Creek. We were looking to set up at Hickey Gap (we approached from the West coming off 411) but after a quick drive by we saw that although there...