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  1. Daniel Etter

    US Midwest 5.11 Tactical: Indianapolis Overland/4x4 Cars & Coffee May 18, 2019!

    5.11 Tactical: Indianapolis is hosting its first Overland/4x4 Cars & Coffee event on May 18, 2019 from 9am to 11am. We are accepting donations for our food drive for Wheeler Mission. Look for 4 Wheel Parts: Indianapolis and other vendors to be here! Coffee and refreshments will be provided...
  2. Daniel Etter

    Negativity towards OB and Members? OB losing its way?

    I have been offline from this community, other off-road/overlanding forums, and social media for a few months now, for the most part. I started getting back into the forums, scanning new stuff, etc. and began to notice a disturbing trend. Across several forums and social media sites, I noticed a...
  3. Daniel Etter

    Planning a South Dakota Meet up

    I am in the process of planning a meet and greet in South Dakota. I am considering holding it in September or October depending on everyone's availability. Also under consideration is location. I am thinking of having the location be at the Badlands or near Rapid City (if we want more options...
  4. Daniel Etter

    Rock climbing/Bouldering ?

    I know a ton here in South Dakota! But you are a decent distance away lol.
  5. Daniel Etter

    Attention Minnesota members, need park info!

    In May, my fiancée, our two German Shepherds and I will be traveling to Indiana to visit my family. We are going to be doing some dispersed camping along the way to break up the travel. I was looking at the Richard J Dorer Memorial State Forest and was curious as to what the area/ trails are...
  6. Daniel Etter

    South Dakota to Indiana

    My fiancée and I were able to take some time off from work and school in May so we can visit my family in Indiana. We will be taking our new 4Runner and our two dogs along on the trip. Depending on weather, traffic, etc... we plan to take Interstate 90 East to Sioux Falls, SD. Then either...
  7. Daniel Etter

    2017 4Runner TRD Offroad

    As to not clutter up my previous build thread for the now departed H3, I have created a new thread to document the building of our 4Runner. The beginning: Two weeks ago, I began to notice that the H3 started to detoriate and started to become unreliable due to its age and the move from Delaware...
  8. Daniel Etter

    If you could change/re-do one modification

    We have all probably been in the position where you purchase or make a modification to your rig and you end up disappointed with it. If you could go and change or re-do one modification that you have done to your vehicle what would it be and why? Mine would be the Purple Cranium rear diff...
  9. Daniel Etter

    All-Time Favorite Camping Gear

    What is your all time favorite piece of camping gear and why? Mine is an ancient Revere Ware Copper Clad coffee pot. It's perfect for sitting right next to the fire in the morning and makes a pretty mean cup of joe! Sent from my iPhone using Overland Bound Talk
  10. Daniel Etter

    2006 Hummer H3

    I purchased my H3 in 2010 because my jeep decided it wanted to be a submarine. It was good timing because I was on medical leave for a shoulder surgery. My family drove me from Delaware to our home in Indiana to recoup from my surgery. While on leave in Indiana, I bought the H3 because I wanted...
  11. Daniel Etter

    Guide for Overlanding with Pets

    Overlanding is awesome, and who better to go on an adventure than your four legged friend! Including pets on trips can make your experience more entertaining and your pet will be thoroughly happy. Bringing along a furry companion will require a some modifications to your list of items to bring...
  12. Daniel Etter

    Hello from South Dakota!

    hey everyone! I just joined the forum and wanted to say hi! I moved to rapid city, SD a year ago and have finally had sometime to do a little off-roading in the area. I am planning on doing a few long weekend camping trips to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana in the near future. If anyone has...