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  1. FireMedicPQ1

    SOLD *SOLD* For Sale Kelty Shower Tent, New Mexico, $50

    For Sale - offering up this Kelty Blockhouse Privacy Shelter ( for $50 (purchased at REI for $80, now $100). Never used (set up once in my living room). Going in a different direction for a potty tent. Prefer local pick up, but willing to ship if you pay the...
  2. FireMedicPQ1

    Mogollon Rim, AZ

    Weekend trip to Arizona with some great folks to travel the Rim Road and a little bit of the Arizona BDR. Amazing scenery. Most of the road was very smooth forest road that gets a lot of traffic, but parts of the BDR were slow-going and rocky.
  3. FireMedicPQ1

    Goose Lake, NM Day Trip

    We spent a fun weekend in Red River (NM) and took a day trip up to Goose Lake. It was about 7 miles off road on a moderately challenging trail to get to this lake, located in the mountains at 11,500-foot elevation. At the top it was a bit crowded with lots of day-trippers in UTVs. Unfortunately...