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  1. Rizzo

    Sportsmobile - Canada?

    Thank you gentlemen! Greatly appreciated. I’m going to give Sportsmobile a call as well and post my findings here. I was hoping that of being classified as an RV it might pass. Cheers!
  2. Rizzo

    10 Reasons Why Winter Camping is Great!

    Awesome! Not sure where that is you're camping but I miss kananaskis. And after a summer of fire bans fall and winter let us get back to having some really nice camp fires.
  3. Rizzo

    Sportsmobile - Canada?

    Hey Overlanders, Does anyone know if you can import the sportsmobile adventure rigs into Canada? If yes, how? If no, does anyone know about any other options preferably in British Columbia Canada? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much, Rizzo
  4. Rizzo

    Northwest Washington August 2018 Meet-up - 08/22/2018

    Thanks for the invite. We’d be there but are going to be up in desolation sound then. Will look forward to the next one. Cheers!!
  5. Rizzo

    1997 Lexus LX 450 with Diff Lock - Vancouver Canada

    Actually it is sorry. I forgot I had that up in here.
  6. Rizzo

    Lighting up Camp

    A lot of great ideas in this thread. We use a combination of lantern, headlamp and flash light. I'm going to be re working my lighting situation as well. One thing I have added is a little solar powered light I got from Costco. I just zap strap it to the back of the rig and set it on auto so...
  7. Rizzo

    Camping Tech

  8. Rizzo

    Winter Camping

    Winter camping is awesome! Kids will love it especially if you keep them busy with activities. My kids are 16 & 19 now so they don't come as often but did a lot when they were younger. The cool thing is a lot of the memories we talk about are around camping and being outdoors in the...
  9. Rizzo

    carrying a chainsaw in a suv

    I was carrying mine in the back truck Bed squished in between the cooler and cargo boxes. It's a beast though and now looking for a smaller one or/ I was even thinking of a boreal 21 hand saw. I recently re-rigged and now have a small slide in truck camper so a little up in the air. I see a...
  10. Rizzo

    Toyota Tundra and Tepui RTT - Need advice on racks

    Wow! @brandonharvey that is a sweet set up my friend.
  11. Rizzo

    1997 Lexus LX 450 with Diff Lock - Vancouver Canada

    Works out to about 12,500 USD
  12. Rizzo

    1997 Lexus LX 450 with Diff Lock - Vancouver Canada

  13. Rizzo

    Toyota Tundra and Tepui RTT - Need advice on racks

    I'm a little late to this but I I have a 16' Tundra Crewmax and put the front runner load Bed load bars on and then the tepui kukemam on top. I went this route because it kept the tent a little lower behind the cab. Less drag. It's was a great set up. And reasonably priced.
  14. Rizzo

    Tire Suggestions for Toyota Tundra Crewmax

    Yeah I had a little sticker shock, but after a few review videos I'm fine. Man, sure does make a nice addition to the truck.
  15. Rizzo

    Tire Suggestions for Toyota Tundra Crewmax

    Took Michael's suggestions and just got BFG All-Terrains installed. Couldn't get the general grabbers on my side of town but think I made a good choice. Thanks for the input.
  16. Rizzo

    Roof Top Tent or Ground Tent?

    Just sold this yesterday. This pic was taken Sunday night and it's sitting on my 97 lexus lx 450. fits perfectly. I'm moving to a small camperette on my tundra so I can winter camp more often. But I would buy another one of these in a heart beat, like the other fellow said earlier in this...
  17. Rizzo

    Tire Suggestions for Toyota Tundra Crewmax

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on tires for my 2016 toyota tundra crewmax. I'm in Vancouver BC and it's the law here to have winter tires to cross any of the passes etc. I thought if I'm going to spend the money on winters maybe there is a good tire thats beefy enough...