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    Membership Dues? Keeping Overland Bound Going

    Hi Michael and Corrie.....we had a bunch of credit card fraud this year and had to change the cards out several times over. I wanted to make sure my membership was still active and that any dues I may owe are paid. Can you tell me if I’m current?

    “Stinky” the 1997 FZJ80 build

    The name comes from the sour milk spilled on the floor mats from the previous owner masked by the pine scented car wash rear view mirror hung air freshener. Smelled like an old poopie diaper under a pine tree! Replaced the mats with new Weather Tech laser fit floor mats....presto-change-o...

    AGM Batteries - Which one’s should I buy for my FZJ80 dual setup?

    I will be swapping out my Interstate lead acid batteries in my1997 FZJ80. I currently have a dual system. The second battery is mounted on the opposite side of the radiator up front opposite the starter battery. I am running a bunch of electronics and need more long running sustainable juice...

    Greetings and salutations from Laguna Beach, CA - Newbies

    New to Overlanding. My wife, 6 kids and I live in Southern California, in Laguna Beach. Have played around with 4x4 exploration for access to camping, hunting, fishing, or great surf trips in Baja California......before it was known as "Overlanding". We've owned several 4x4 vehicles in the...