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    My SH Subaru Forester

    That´s a good looking Foz!! Well done! Like to see the finished Stellar bumper,,,will keep an eye on it.
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    Volvo XC70 2011 overland build

    Thank you for your point of view. Will keep that in mind considering the roof rack for the Forry (but in 180x120)
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    Another Subaru Build Thread

    Sad.....such a nice car and build! But most important: No one got injured! Wish you all the best and fingers crossed for the insurance result.
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    ALNSM Overland Rig - 97' SF5 Subaru Forester.

    Hi Jordan. Nice rig you´ve built there. Could you tell me what type of roof rack you´ve fitted? And the size of it? Who distributes the recovery points built for the forester? I know i had found it somewhere but right now i´m not able to discover the link or homepage.... Like your videos!! Don´t...
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    Volvo XC70 2011 overland build

    Thank you. Had a look at the Homepage.... Which size is your TOLA? 160x107cm? I expected a cheaper price for the chinese stuff...:coldsweat: Are you satisfied with the quality?
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    Volvo XC70 2011 overland build

    Love to see an XC70 out here! Nice build! Before buying the Forester is also considered the XC70 to be the next car. Sorry can´t help you with the recovery point issue. Could you tell me where you got the TOLA rack? Snow!! Did not see much of it this year....:angry:
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    Subaru Forester - '18 XT

    Really nice build! God job on the roof rack. Well done! Great conversion of the trunk. Have fun!
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    2012 Subaru Outback

    Nice to see an Outback conversion. RalliTek has a good reputation and most of the drivers prefer them over KING springs. In my opinion KING are too stiff for overlanding. RAlliTek uses KYB struts - really reliable units and most of the Forester drivers use KYB for ages as a replacement part for...