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    Rebuilding my dad's H1... for it's next adventures.

    Yes I am familiar with them. Good Choice.
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    Rebuilding my dad's H1... for it's next adventures.

    I have an 2006 H1 Alpha. Curious who you sent it to here in Texas. That vehicle has great history.
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    Powering a fridge in a diesel truck

    Huh? If you want to make sure your truck started every morning, each night hook it up to a charger.
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    How should companies work with "influencers"?

    My view is they are people who want free stuff and will say anything to get it. In fact I often think they do more damage than value add. I have stopped watching Trail Recon for example because he is now bought and paid for, can't believe anything he says.
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    Overland Humvees and Hummer H1's

    2.5 year old sales pitch.
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    Big Bend Anyone?

    BBNP or BBSP?
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    How critical is it to have a 4WD vehicle

    Nobody at these gatherings is looking under your vehicle to see if it is 4x4 or not.
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    What side of your vehicle did you set your RTT, and why?

    rear, with the annex it makes it easy to get inside vehicle even if raining, and leaves sides available for awning.
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    Guy broke his truck trying to recover me

    This thread is why I do not stop to help others. Call AAA...
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    GPS Coordinate Format - What say you?

    DD for ease of entry.
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    Let’s be honest; Roof Top Tent- Yay or Nay?

    I have a RTT and a Ground tent for just that situation.
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    What tire pressure are you running your e rated tires at for daily driving?

    80 psi, which is MFG spec from truck MFG, and within tire range
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    I don't understand open bed trucks with racks and tents.

    I do not like shells. They severely limit the usability of your bed (No side access, no ability to put tall things in bed, cant use a goose neck, etc). I have 40 gallon refuel tank in my bed, would not work with a shell. Works fine with a rack...
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    Palo Duro State Park near Amarillo Texas

    Thread Title says "Palo Duro State Park", which is open to the public and different from where the Jeep Jamborees are. Does OP want info on PDSP or something else?
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    How big is big enough? - Tire sizes

    I have run almost all the major trails in the USA with 33s on my jeep. The bigger you go, the more you have to upgrade or risk breakage.
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    Jack options when your rig is over 7000lbs loaded?

    Exactly. I can use the scissor jack (from an H1 Hummer so it is plenty rated), to gert under frame when axle is down to ground. Then when that lifts, I can use the bottle jack to get to height. The 2x4s are for support on soft or unlevel surfaces, and to get additional height if needed.
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    Jack options when your rig is over 7000lbs loaded?

    I have a combination of bottle jack, a scissor jack and 2x4s to get under and lift.
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    LED Vs Halogen For Driving Lights

    I use LED for everything, including turn signals. There is no filament, so the lifetime is off the chart. Reach is a function of the power and reflector. My Golight LED SPOTs can reach miles.