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    We have an agreement with regarding the TRED recovery boards. Here are the details: ALL TRED products (boards and accessories) receive a 15% discount with the purchase of minimum 1 set of TRED recovery boards The Discount is valid on all orders done before 30/09/2019. You will...
  2. GeoCampers #4771

    Pre event briefing.

    This post comes as a result of our latest OB Europe Mid meeting in The Netherlands. As the Europe group is growing, the amount of new people at an event also grows. That means that the unwritten rules of trailing together are no longer known by everyone. So i was thinking of composing a...
  3. GeoCampers #4771

    The overland gadget thread

    After some fun converstations about gadgets during the campfires at Abenteuer und Allrad 2018, it seems fun to start this thread and gather all our little gadgets in one place. Afterall, it are the gadgets that ad that little extra on the trail. So this is my list: Jetboil (water cooking...
  4. GeoCampers #4771

    Group purchase?

    I want to order some stuff from the store. As you all know shipment is $16.00. is there anyone in the neighborhood who needs something? so we can split the shipping cost? I am from Belgium in the border area with Maatstricht.
  5. GeoCampers #4771

    Family trip Sweden / Norway 2017

    Yesterday we started our 3 week trip to Sweden and Norway. Travelet through the night to get past Hamburg before traffic pics up. Now just taking a loooong stop before leaving to Kiel to take the ferry to Oslo. The new rig is doing fine. Sent from my MotoG3 using OB Talk mobile app On to the...
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    Hi there, I just want to drop a suggestion. Why don't we just post the routs to wikiloc and ad #OB to the title of the track so they are searchable and you can get an overview on the map? Once you have put the track on Wikiloc you can put a notice in the forum. Unless this was already...
  7. GeoCampers #4771

    Greeting from Belgium

    Hi fellow overlanders. Just a small introduction New to the forum and the community but not to Overland Bound. Been following on youtube for a while. Location: Belgium, Fanders, Bilzen. Rig: we have just bought a new Mitsu L200 before we had a LR Discovery2 from 2001. Picture off the Disco and...