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  1. daPitbull

    FOR SALE 4runner / 120 Suspension Parts - Bay Area CA

    Getting rid of a bunch of nice aftermarket parts that have been cluttering up my garage. Parts will work for all Toyota 120 platforms (FJCruisers, 4runner, GX470). I believe parts will also fit some 5th Gen 4runners, you'll need to do some research to confirm. Icon Billet UCAs - SOLD All Pro...
  2. daPitbull

    Mojave Road, 11/18/17

    Hey all. We're planning on running the Mojave road around the November 18th weekend. Plans are loose at this point, kids have the week off, so we're fairly flexible on dates too. Likely 2 or 3 nights I'll have my 3 kids (3, 5, 7yrs old) my wife, dog, and trailer in tow. Last time we tried...
  3. daPitbull

    Hollister Hills 4/2...Sunday

    hey all. Heading down to hollister hills tomorrow with a buddy new to the dirt. Anyone is more than welcome to join us. Leaving Oakland around 830am. Let me know
  4. daPitbull

    FS: 4th Gen 4Runner Suspension

    Next week they'll be off the rig: Radflo 2.5 Coilovers - 700lbs Coils.....$600 (60k miles) Icon Billet Aluminum UCAs.....$700 (60k miles) Toyota OEM LCAs.....$50 (100k + miles) All Pro 3.5" Rear Springs.....$100 (40k miles) Next month I'll have some rear parts for sale. Radflo 2.5 Rears shocks...
  5. daPitbull

    FOR SALE Allpro 3.5" rear springs

    ill be going to OTG and can bring with. They've got about 40k miles. Upgraded to heavier spring rate for towing. Provides 3.5" of lift in the rear. I think they're 220 lbs spring rate. These fit all Toyota 120 platforms (FJs, 4runners, GX470 if you do a coil conversion). 90% sure These fit...
  6. daPitbull

    2nd Annual Family Overland Trip

    We’ve been home for almost 3 weeks now, after almost 4000 miles, and 3 weeks on the road, I’ve finally had some to time to put our trip report together. Last years trip consisted of about 3000 miles over a 3 week span... trip report is here...
  7. daPitbull

    Slickrock July 30th weekend

    thinking of heading up Friday night, camping, and running slickrock on Saturday July 30. Likely do the trail both ways N/S then back S/N. I'll probably end up camping out Saturday night too. Anyone interested in going? Let me know.
  8. daPitbull

    Emeryville meet and greet

    If anyone in the Bay Area is interested:
  9. daPitbull

    WABDR 6/23

    hey NW neighbors! We're getting ready for our 3 week Roadtrip north from CA through WA into Canada. The plan is to run the length of WABDR into Canada. I've accepted the fact there will be portions that we can't run due to snow, just wondering if any local OB members have any additional info...
  10. daPitbull

    Eagle Lakes 5/29

    hey all. Planning a day trip to Eagle Lakes off hwy 80 on Sunday 5/29, Memorial Day weekend. Throwing it out there if anyone is interested in going.
  11. daPitbull

    Death Valley for Easter

    Took a trip down with the family to Death Valley for Easter weekend. We really wanted to check out the Super Bloom we were hearing so much about, and also gave us a chance to test out the new trailer.
  12. daPitbull

    CO2 Refill in East Bay

    FYI for anyone who runs Powertanks for airing up on the trails, I found a local shop that refills on the spot, Atlas Welding in Berkeley; $30 full tank Most places around here only do swaps or you need to drop it off
  13. daPitbull

    2016 Summer trip, need suggestions

    Hi there. I'm beginning to plan our 2016 summer overland/road trip. This past summer we did Utah and Colorado. Our destination is Portland to meet up with some friends. A few places were interested in seeing: Glacier NP, Tetons, Yellowstone. We can potentially hit these places first then end...
  14. daPitbull

    Surf and Turf, Nov 6-8

    Anyone planning on making a trip to Pismo for SnT? I'll be leaving Sat AM and staying one night. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining. Ray
  15. daPitbull

    2008 4runner Build

    Rig SR5, 8-banger Trail Armor Demello Hybrid Sliders Shrockworks front bumper 4x4 Labs rear bumper; 3-can, 2-can, and ladder attachments RCI Skidplates Suspension Radflo/Overland Warehouse 2.5" Coilovers Radflo/Overland Warehouse 2.5" Rear Shocks Extended Rear swaybar links Removed front...
  16. daPitbull

    2015 Family Overland Trip - CA, AZ, UT, CO

    Oakland – Joshua Tree – Grand Canyon – Moab – White Rim – Ouray – Colorado Springs – Sandy – Truckee – Oakland… This is a trip I’ve been wanting to do…but as usual life gets in the way. Circumstances aligned this time – my wife and I were able to take off 3 weeks from work, my oldest just...