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  1. Timberdan

    Alpine Loop - Colorado: First Overland/Camping trip. Driving from Texas. Trip Planning.

    I used to live in Lake City Colorado and would do the Alpine loop all the time. I had usually took a F250 short bed extended cab over the Loop, but would occasionally take my 93 Dodge dually over the passes. The roads should be open in late June. There is a ton of camping in the area that is...
  2. Timberdan

    Trails in the North East?

    Greetings all! I will be attending a conference at Sugarloaf in Maine this summer and may drive my Jeep out from Idaho. I would like to hit some trails and see some of the North East while I am up there. Are there any suggestions on trails or places to visit? Thanks Dan
  3. Timberdan

    Off road places near Yellowstone

    Some of the more expensive coolers are bear proof. Storing your food in there would be similar to a bear box.
  4. Timberdan

    Off road places near Yellowstone

    I too was a Sheriff Deputy in the Dubois area and would spend a lot of time on the back roads. East of Dubois there isn't much due to the Wind River Indian Reservation. Once you leave the reservation there is lots of dirt roads to explore. Just east of Dubois there is the EAST Fork Road...
  5. Timberdan

    Off road places near Yellowstone

    There is a lot of wheeling near Dubois Wyoming. Lots of free camping, miles and miles of dirt roads. South of Jackson there is some but I’ve never explored it. Between Jackson and Idaho Falls nothing too exciting. There is a fair amount west of the park, but am just getting to know it. Will you...
  6. Timberdan

    Have a Member Number? Upgrade Your Account!

    Hello I would love to have my account upgraded my number is 15740
  7. Timberdan

    San Bernardino Mountains

    Great looking pictures.
  8. Timberdan

    Greetings from East Idaho.

    Hello wall! My son gave me this membership for Christmas. I’ve been off-road adventuring for most of my life in Colorado,Wyoming and now in Idaho. I currently drive a 2008 JKU.