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  1. 4.0LitersToFreedom

    US Southwest New Dometic CFX75 Fridge/Freezer - $1000

    New In Box Dometic CFX75DZW Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer. 2019 Model. I changed directions on my build, this is a little overkill for what I really need. My loss is your gain. Comes with the insulated cover, also new in box. This setup retails around $1350, but I’ll let it go for $1000...
  2. 4.0LitersToFreedom

    Central Oklahoma Meetup 7/13 at Cars & Coffee in Norman

    See the rally point description here: Rigs @ Norman Cars & Coffee
  3. 4.0LitersToFreedom

    US Southwest Rigs @ Norman Cars & Coffee

    Its been awhile since the last central OK meetup, so lets rendezvous at the Norman Cars & Coffee to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.View Rally Point
  4. 4.0LitersToFreedom

    Cross Bar Ranch Trail Ride - 05/12/2018

    Let's get a small group together and explore the 6500 acres of trails at Cross Bar Ranch Off Road Park in Davis, Oklahoma next Saturday, May 12, 2018. We will rendezvous at the Chickasaw Travel Stop on the NW corner of I35 & OK 7 (exit 55) at 9:30 AM, then make the short drive to the park...
  5. 4.0LitersToFreedom

    New Member from Oklahoma City

    Just joined up today #9383! I'm Sloan and I have a 2001 Jeep TJ that I bought last year and subsequently spent the next few months making more reliable and capable. After getting caught up on about 70k miles of differed maintenance, chasing down various false gremlins, and ultimately replacing...