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    Northern Michigan wheelers

    Used to live in Lapeer and Port Huron....
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    FOR SALE National Luna 50qt weekender

    Mark the ad title as SOLD...
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    Sorry man, didn't mean to hurt your sensitivities..... Maybe I am wrong but I read the gear reviews to, well.....see gear reviewed. Not for general statement of use or care. This forum is getting loaded down with everything but gear reviews. When I saw the Batteries topic I was looking for a...
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    I'm about to buy a fridge/freezer and am between arb and dobinsons fridge.

    Engel's cost more than most depending on the model. But we considered it to be worth the extra $. We purchased directly from Engels web site and got free shipping. All the others including ARB advertise a cheaper price but then add in 95.00+ for shipping. Engel is definitely not the least...
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    I'm about to buy a fridge/freezer and am between arb and dobinsons fridge.

    Engel is what we chose. I have heard that ARB was having a lot of compressor issues as well as customer service was in the crapper lately. Engel is still one of the only ones who actually makes their fridges. And the swing motor/compressor has the lowest amp draw in the industry.
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    So how is this a review? Maybe post your suggestions in the proper forum
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    Any Fellow Michigander?

    Alpena here..... Looking for like minded folks to do some local trails with.
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Howdy from Alpena, MI Life is truly lived above the 45th parallel! 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Member #13088 Looking forward to meeting folks along the trail...
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    Northern Michigan wheelers

    Alpena here.....