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  1. 15Canyon

    Rust on Powder Coat?

    Hello! I have got a powder coated front bumper, and I've noticed little streaks of rust right by the welds connecting the main body and brush guard that are about 1/16" thick. It appears that these spots may have been missed in the powder coating. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop it...
  2. 15Canyon

    Edmonton-Minneapolis trip

    I'm planning a trip from Edmonton, Alberta to Minneapolis, Minnesota for 2018; does anyone have any recommendations of things to see/do on the way? I'm planning about 3-4 days there, and 3-4 days back, with 5 days in the middle to visit with family. This is approximately the route I plan to...
  3. 15Canyon

    Little victories

    We all have those little things in life that are great when they happen, like finally getting your new tires on your rig, or perfecting your chili recipe, or even something as small as finally getting the leaky faucet fixed in the kitchen. They don't have to be related to overlanding; mine is...
  4. 15Canyon

    A fun experience with 4WD low

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this; if it isn't sorry about that. I've had my truck since Feb 2015, (almost two years! :grin:), but aside from using it in a snowy parking lot to see how 4WD Low worked, I have never really used it extensively, or much at all. Anyways, I was...
  5. 15Canyon

    New Member Introduction

    Hello! I just thought I'd introduce myself, and say how excited I am to be part of this community. I live in Alberta, Canada, which has plenty of backroads to explore, and places to see! I'm relatively new to overlanding, but I'm always willing to learn new things about it. My daily...