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  1. Zeak

    Any Fellow Michigander?

    I definitely want to get out for a weekend. if a couple more people want to go then we can hit the trails.
  2. Zeak

    Show off your campsite

    Weekend with friends.
  3. Zeak

    DIY, T4R Fridge and kitchen slide

    The main construction of my build is 1/2ins. plywood painted with outside deck paint. all edges trimmed in stainless steel for strength. As far as weight goes I don't know. My main concern was to keep the truck with in OME weight specs and it is. I will post a few build pic. Now I plan on...
  4. Zeak

    DIY, T4R Fridge and kitchen slide

    I chose to do a permanent build as this is not my primary vehicle. I built everything with cardboard first then transferred onto material.
  5. Zeak

    4Runner Owners Registry

    Yes fogs are baja designs. The lights in the bumper are Rigid spots .Sounds like you got a good plan. Definitely save and do it right. Ok Have fun with your build and I'll watch for updates.
  6. Zeak

    4Runner Owners Registry

    Cool there is so mush one can do. I have the 2018 pro. I've been having so mush fun with mine. Post your upgrades as you go. It's cool to watch how one mods there trucks.
  7. Zeak

    4Runner Owners Registry

    Nice..Are you going to do some mods on it?
  8. Zeak

    Nature Photos

    Michigan, Grass lake
  9. Zeak

    4Runner Owners Registry

    Thank you.. It is still work in progress but most are. Good luck on the trails wherever you are.
  10. Zeak

    4Runner Owners Registry

  11. Zeak

    How do you carry your recovery boards?

    I like to keep mine behind the spare tire and there out of the way.
  12. Zeak

    Any Fellow Michigander?

    Looking forward to the next trip.
  13. Zeak

    Galley Build

    looks good.Nice job
  14. Zeak

    Welcome friend and good luck with your build.

    Welcome friend and good luck with your build.
  15. Zeak

    Overweight or just Right?

    Thanks for all the info I appreciate it.
  16. Zeak

    Overweight or just Right?

    When I started my build on my T4R The basic stuff was easy bumpers sliders Est. Now came time to build the inside. I pulled out my favorite garage bucket to sit on and started the build. when I was finished. It crossed my mind that I should have weighted the truck be for the build but to late...
  17. Zeak

    2005 4Runner V6

    Looking pretty sweet.
  18. Zeak

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ!

    Welcome friend. Enjoy the adventure!